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•  A covert "extrajudicial targeting and punishment network" spawned or expanded under the Bush-Cheney "reign of terror" has targeted millions of Americans with programs and policies that victims maintain amount to a social -- and, in some cases, physical -- genocide.  

•  This social genocide continues under the Obama administration -- enabled by the disbelief of liberals and progressives who naively refuse to believe that what happened in pre-war Germany could be happening here.

•  BULLETIN:  It is.


Columnist, NowPublic.com/scrivener; Former business/investigative reporter for Fox TV Phila., NY Daily News, Phila. Bulletin, St. Petersburg (FL) Times; former editor, CableVision, TV/Radio Age magazines



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Could government "targeting" of American citizens outside the bounds of the judicial system be one of the root causes of the Wall Street financial meltdown that threatens to devastate the global economy?

Victims of so-called "organized community gang stalking" claim that federal and local government agencies involved in security, intelligence, law enforcement, and revenue collection have established a network of secret programs aimed at destroying the financial well-being of "targeted" individuals -- who are denied due process of law as their financial resources are systematically expropriated.

These programs allegedly involve the interception of mail; pervasive surveillance; interception and alteration of telecommunications, including telephone and internet communications; fabrication of bank, credit card, mortgage and billing statements; surreptitious manipulation of personal and business bank and mortgage accounts.

Victims of this alleged "extrajudicial targeting" report being inundated with offers of "easy credit" from banks, mortgage companies and credit card issuers -- even if their financial situation does not warrant the extension of generous lines of credit.  Typically, consumers are lured in by offers of low interest rates -- only to see those rates raised to usurious levels months later.

In effect, victims say, a secret parallel system of transaction processing has been established for persons targeted by government agencies.  They allege that the goal is to destroy their capacity to earn a living and to support themselves and their families.

Victims theorize that these "programs of personal destruction" are a derivative of past controversial government programs such as Cointelpro and Total Information Awareness.  They maintain that the enactment of  sweeping laws such as the USA Patriot Act,  passed by Congress in the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has emboldened those who would use the powers of the state to restrict civil liberties as a tool of social control.

The "mechanics" of these covert programs, victims say, closely resemble the tactics employed by pre-war Nazi Germany in its campaign against the Jews and other targeted groups, such as those deemed to be political "dissenters."

Victims charge that some of these programs also are designed to degrade their physical health, with health care professionals sometimes pressured to cooperate. Citizen vigilantes affiliated with government-funded community policing and "watch" groups are employed to relentlessly stalk, harass and intimidate those targeted by these government programs, victims charge.

These civilian vigilantes, with retired military and public safety officers among their ranks, are said to have access to surveillance imposed upon their targets, who are tracked and followed like prey, whether in vehicles or on foot.

The vigilante stalkers are believed to be equipped with high-tech instruments such as silent microwave radiation-emitting "directed energy" weapons capable of causing serious adverse health effects -- from intense pain to the induction of illness and disease -- what some describe as a "slow genocide."

Officials in the private sector are believed to have knowledge of some of these programs, since their cooperation is key to the functioning of the system. Victims charge that the government is using national security and the "war on terror" as a pretext to secure the cooperation of local law enforcement, corporations and businesses. But they say it's also possible that the civilian overseers of these agencies, as well as civilian operatives, have been kept in the dark about the most nefarious aspects of these programs.

It's feared that the government takeover of more than half of the nation's mortgage market, and government bailouts and supervision of failed and financially troubled banks, investment houses and insurers, could facilitate this extrajudicial targeting of citizens and their personal and business assets.

Those who say they have been victimized by these programs are calling upon Congress to immediately convene hearings on unconstitutional, extra-legal abuses of power carried out under the direction of government agencies -- what they see as an unraveling of the American constitutional democracy and a descent into a corporate-fascist police state.




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