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Many of you know that some of us kossacks have formed our own guild in the MMORPG game, World of Warcraft.  Our guild is called "Wreck List."  We've been having fun...dungeon raids, power leveling, building our bank tabs, etc.  So I thought I'd update folks.  Also, in the previous diaries on this topic, some people commented about how the diaries or the encouragement to join in the fun were not clear enough for those not familiar with WOW.  I've only been playing WOW since November 2008.  I was kinda busy until then....

So I thought I could help out those people new to and perhaps intimidated by World of Warcraft.


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So I'm a level 68 orc rogue girl. That means I stab things...a lot...  Who would have thought that a peace-lovin', social worker and democrat would enjoy that?! It goes like this: Everyone (except Death Knights...more on that later..) starts at level 1.  You gets quests or tasks to do and gain experience.  Experience gives you points which moves you up levels.  As you gain in levels and experience, you also gain in abilities and power.

You create your own character in the game. There are two sides in WOW-- Alliance and Horde. In one of the previous WOW diaries we had a poll and the Horde won.  Then you have to choose your race. So, in the Horde you can choose to be an orc, undead, troll, tauren or blood elf. I'm partial to orcs, but that's me!  Then you choose what "class" you will be, depending on your race.  But the choices are: warlock, paladin, warrior, hunter, mage or rogue.  There are ups and downs to all these choices, so check it out.

As a rogue, I can stealth...or essentially become invisible.  This has been mighty helpful at times....prevented me from dying, in fact.  Oh wait!  Did I forget to mention-- YOU WILL DIE IN THIS GAME....MULTIPLE TIMES!!! But not to worry, your spirit is resurrected and you have run back to you body before you start playing again.  It doesn't hurt and it doesn't take too long.  Really, after a little while, you won't mind at all.  Once I jumped into Un'Goro Crater (just to see what would happen, is there a problem with that?) and bounced, survived, got an achievement for surviving a fall that large, bounced again and died.  Ahhh...that was a good day.....

With your character (or toon) you explore a world with 4 continents, well actually 3 continents and one area that seems to exist in space or the twisting nether (the gravity there defies physics and I find this a little disturbing!) You start in different parts of these worlds depending on the race you choose. Personally my favorite zone has been Stranglethorn.  It's very green and jungle-like.  And it has silly quests that play on Hemingway. From there you do the quests and gain experience.  Some characters you meet in these worlds are other players and some are Non-Player Character or NPC.  You pick up quests from the NPCs.  They will have exclamation points above their heads and when you click on them, your instructions will magically appear.  When you have completed the quest the NPC will have a question mark above their head.  It's not complicated.

Now onto the DKos guild--Wreck List.  Joining a guild in this game means more fun.  You can do quests with friends and let me tell you-- some quests require more than one player. Like dungeons or instances-- those parts of the game that are sort of separate. It's nice to have friends in this game.  You can also chat with your guild friends while playing.  Why just last week another kossack and I were discussing whether Bush and Cheney were more like Pinky and the Brain or Beavis and Butthead.  Initially I thought Beavis and Butthead, but after much thought I agree with my guild mate- they are more like Pinky and the Brain.  

Did I mention that Hyperbolic Pants Explosion created a character called Piefight?  And that I created a bank alt character called Errinf?  (I couldn't help myself!) And btw, a bank alt is a character you create for the purpose of having more space to store your loot.  Your main character mails loot to the bank alt who stores it in their bank vault.  They mail it back when you need it.  It all works out very nicely.

Oh yeah, so Death Knights.  If you have gotten at least one of your characters to level 55, you can create a Death Knight.  Now I'm not going to give away the story of the Death Knights, you should find that out for yourself.  It's a good one, trust me.  I have created a Death Knight, but honestly, I prefer playing my rogue.  She can use poisons, vanishes, pickpockets and picks locks.  She's fun.  

So join us on in Azeroth.  Anyone can play this game. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, if you haven't played a MMORPG game before.  And having a Kossack guild is great.  Friends to discuss politics or other things while playing, without drama.  

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