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In this second installment following my controversial diary, "Obama and greatest President in US history," I have chosen to analyze the Obama mentality and how his policies are implemented from my own perspective. His policies are engineered in such a way that he is sure to win in 2012 regardless of who the Republicans put forward and i will tell you why.


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Watching CNN today, i wasnt surprised that the Republican contributor Ed Rollins gave Obama A- on Foreign Policies and C+ on the Economy. If you have followed CSPAN as much as i have especially the Washington Journal, you will realize that the Republicans have nothing but praise for Obama when it comes to Foreign policy matters. Even a Republican on Hannity was forced to defend the President after the Pirate rescue. In his words, "Lets give the President credit when due and not be like the Democrats blaming the President for everything, all the time." That was, is and going to be the Obama plan. To convince the populace that Democrats are sound on Foreign Policy matters and Military and win the support of Republicans. Its called controlling the mentality of your enemies. Why would he do that?

Because all the polls have consistently show that Democrats have an edge on Economic matters by double digits or in the 20+ range. That level of comfort is not going to change in America very soon. As a matter of fact, i am sure Democrats probably led in Economic matters polling for decades now. What has always been the downfall is our lack of Foreign policies and Military no-how. Thus Obama's plan is to neutralize such mentality, because he knows the Republicans, no matter how poorly they grade him on Economic matters can never convince the American people that their policies are better of.

I am sure Culture Wars still exist which is why the Democrats have recruited Conservative Democrats and Military members to run for the party, but i have no doubt that Americans voted for Republicans in 2004 largely due to security matters. Neutralizing this Democrat setback will position us for Presidential victories for a very very long time. By the time Obama is finished in 2016, Republicans will be short of ways to win the Presidency unless they are successful in staging a US bombing. Without any security breach in the US, our success will be a RAP. Thats why i have come to the conclusion that OBAMA might be the SMARTEST President in US HISTORY.

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Originally posted to houskin on Sat Apr 25, 2009 at 10:39 PM PDT.


Is it a good thing when Republicans can give Obama A- for Foreign policy and security matters?

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