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You almost have to feel sorry for the Republicans nowadays.  These guys just can't catch a break.

From Bobby Jindal's disastrous preformance, to hiphop Michelle Steele, James Tedisco,failed Teaparties, it has been a nightmare.

I give them a big fat F-.


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Politico pundits grade the GOP in the first 100 days

Joel Kotkin, Author:

The Republicans appear clueless and lost. The opportunity to seize advantage of populist anger on the bailout of the banks should be taken, but their own corporatist leanings seem to make this difficult.

They need to focus on the Congressional Democrats as President Obama is simply too popular now to confront too directly.

Greg Dworkin, Contributing Editor, Daily Kos
Their grade is an F

Perhaps stripping pandemic flu funds from the stimulus bill wasn't the greatest move ever (luckily, the omnibus bill included the stricken funds).

The again, the same can be said for invading Iraq, mishandling Katrina and shutting the country down over Terry Schiavo. These things are remembered by the country as simply being the wrong approach. Under a new administration, the right direction numbers are climbing in all the polls, and a popular president is showing a good example of how government can help

Malika Saada Saar, Executive Director, Rebecca Project for Human Rights:
Republican party dwells in the ashes of its defeat and lack of vision.

Hopefully, something different and new will arise from these ashes that does not cower to the extreme conservative base but rethinks what small government and civil society might give Americans in a new century that is increasingly borderless, diverse, and engaged.

Theda Skocpol, Professor of Government and Sociology, Harvard:
They seem captive of the most fearful, angry, and bombastic among them...

One can only be mystified by the choices Republicans are making in this period -- to go all-out in extreme opposition to a President and Democratic Party who won a clear mandate to tackle pressing national problems. Shrill, unrelenting, extremist opposition is unattractive to most Americans and will do nothing to arrest the Republican decline into a regionalized rump minority.

Christine Pelosi, Attorney, author and Democratic activist:
F: Waiting or hoping for President Obama to fail is a mistake

The GOP got an F from the American people because they don't have a new message aside from opposing Obama, which voters rejected first in November and then throughout the first 100 days of his presidency. Waiting or hoping for President Obama to fail is a mistake.

Maria Cardona, Democratic strategist and public affairs executive:
An F for a grade, and an F on attitude and behavior.

An F. And I believe the American public has given them failing grades as well. It is clear that they are devoid of any new ideas, new approaches, any new and creative outside the box thinking, and are solely focused on opposing anything that this administration and this President proposes.

Everything they have put out as an alternative has been a rehash of the same, old tired policies that frankly helped to put us in this frail economic position to begin with.

Larry J. Sabato, Professor of Politics, University of Virginia:
The Republicans get somewhere between D and F. And no, it is not because they all (save three senators) voted against the Obama stimulus package, or otherwise haven’t been sufficiently “bipartisan”—an overused and deceptive term that misses the fundamentals of today’s politics.....

Rather, the GOP’s problem is threefold. First, they have poorly articulated appealing, alternative policies—or maybe they simply don’t have them at all.

Second, they have foolishly allowed their party to be defined by the unpopular leaders and symbols of yesteryear, rather than promoting their bright new faces in Congress and the statehouses.

Adam Bonin, Attorney and Chairman, Netroots Nation:

By any objective measure, GOP "FAIL," as the kids (and those of us who still claim to be in touch with the current lingo ) would say. They've been lapped by their base in terms of articulating a response to the Obama administration -- at least the tea-partiers' "no" has some enthusiasm behind it, if not a plan. M


You would think after the polls showing the GOP at new lows they would at least moderate their views.

Well check out wingnuts take on the first 100 days

Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform:

Republicans have done well to maintain a unanimous vote against the Obama/Reid/Pelosi spendfest

Democrats pretending to be helpful by urging Republicans to avoid "just say no" are old enough to remember how powerful it was in 1994 that the Republicans wisely "just said no" to the Clinton tax and spend demands. They correctly fear a united Republican rejection of their destructive tax and spend policies.

Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary:
The GOP's secret weapon will be the conservative Democrats

Over the weekend it was clear that the Democrats think the last 100 days have been just terrific for them. But even the most silver-tongued devil couldn't say with a straight face that the last three months have been smooth. Some days there were so many messages flying and stories changing that it was hard to keep up.

During all of this, the GOP is doing a much better job of working as a team, arguing on the merits, utilizing new technologies to communicate, and raising the profile of younger members like Paul Ryan.

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Originally posted to indepenocrat on Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 07:07 PM PDT.

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