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Back in October some people used to say to me, “Al, what are you gonna blog about now?”

Yes, with the Republicans out of power and the campaign over, I too thought events would slow down.


They’re speeding up, each and every week.

Let me try something different.  I think you’ll like it.  A Weekend Update of the week’s most poignant moments.


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► Pete Seeger turned 90 Saturday night, and he celebrated with a blow out bash at Madison Square Garden.

► And we bid adieu to a GIANT!

► Here's a short moving clip of Maude's groundbreaking Abortion episode.

► Secretary of State Clinton presents a tearful tribute to foreign service officers lost in the line of fire.

► May Day finds Hope taking root in Cuba.  

Even Castro is wearing an American flag lapel pin.  

He's made some inconsistent statements, but this also happened in 1962.  
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bobby Kennedy came up with the idea to completely ignore all inflammatory Soviet demands, and instead, accept all of their reasonable proposals.  Thus, we too should ignore his meta statements and focus on the prize of lifting the embargo.

► Date Night.  

The President took his wife out on the town, last night.  Dinner at a restaurant (Citronelle) and a stroll through the White House grounds.

Look at all those voters standing outside, waiting to catch a glimpse.

Can you imagine Bush being romantic?

This man loves his wife.

I wanted to show that he's madly in love with his wife.

I hope that when my husband dances with me, he looks that happy.  In a room of 100 other couples dancing, they're able to just kind of shut the world out for two seconds and share a dance and a moment with his wife.

Callie Shell - Time/Aurora Photographer

► A heat wave stung NYC.



SPRING BURSTS - 12 Pix in All.

He’s much more than average.

If you think of the scope of his ambitions and the ground work he has already laid for changing this country.

Regulatory reform.  

Alternative energy.

Health care.

Aid to education.

That’s the Great Society.

That’s FDR in ’33.

He’s on a track to change this country in progressive ways, that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Doris Kearns Goodwin – April 29th.


► President Obama makes a dramatic entrance into the press room.

Runs 4 minutes.

Oh, the pain!!

► Lipstick on a pig.

► Jerkoff-Giuliani sells out his friends.

► Stormy Daniels begins her humiliating ass whipping of Diaper David Vitter.  (See Tour Dates here).

► The new Scully and Mulder.


 2 Women

108 Men

 6 Jews

11 Catholics

 2 Blacks

 0 Latinos

93 WASPs

 1 Ass Wipe - Mark Halperin


As you know, like many, many other Kossacks, Keith is a life long Yankee fan, and he has his own baseball blog, "Baseball Nerd".

If ya a subscriber, you've noticed Keith ALSO likes to post Eye Candy, which I repost below.


► Opening day at Yankee Stadium with comedians George Wallace and Jerry Seinfeld.

► With his honey, Channel 11 reporter, Katy Tur, and the handsome Jason Bateman.  

This was during the Teabagg'n mockery.  And Katy displayed her sense of humor by brandishing a sucker.

► Here's Keith's nephew, who just got dinged with a bat.  Yup, the bat slipped out of a swinging players hands, landeding in the stands, right on top of the future Kossack.

► You can bookmark Keith's blog, and give it a spin, ► Here.



Air America reporter, Ana Marie Cox is a riot.

Years ago, when she first began Wonkette, I sent her some material for her blog.  Turns out she's very sweet, as well as funny.  Yeah, yeah, she also turned out to be cute.  Alas, she's married.  Doncha hate it when you stumble across someone who's all that, but unavailable cuz they live on a different continent, or pfffft, cuz they're married.  

Any who -- like anyone with a superior sense of humor, she's a big flirt.


► Blog-Hair.

► Showing off her Obama Presser heels.

► Auditioning for a role in the The Front Page.

► Nothing goes better with blogs, than booze.

Ana Marie gives great tweet ► Here.

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