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This is an AP headline via Yahoo Finance.

Now why isn't it Yahoo front page? That is really puzzling.

But the "article" does have some gems.

Not the usual tired:


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"a classic example of unwise government."



"will cost us dearly in jobs and income and it stands no chance of achieving its objective of a cooler earth" because other nation's such as China and India will not have to follow ...

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is the GOPosaur du jour telling us what will happen:
But Daniels says there's a better approach than the cap-and-trade government mandate and "protect the environment, lower energy costs and create jobs at the same time all without raising taxes." He cited Indiana's production of ethanol and biodiesel, efforts to develop less polluting coal plants, expansion of wind power and conservation programs.
I was up all night [mostly because of my wife (not the way you all might think - she couldn't sleep and woke me up twice, then she set the alarm clock very early by mistake) and finally my daughter woke me up just after 6 AM] so I am very tired to research how these ideas (less polluting coal plants, expansion of wind power and conservation programs) are really from progressives and I know GOPosaurs attack them routinely.

Any help in unearthing GOPosaur hypocrisy here is welcome. Pardon my laziness.

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Originally posted to DefendOurConstitution on Sat May 30, 2009 at 04:44 AM PDT.


Real reason GOPosaurs oppose Climate Bill

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