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Welcome to today's RedState Morning Briefing Summary (RMBS FAQ).


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Joe Biden on Judge Sotomayor: She’ll keep the streets clean

This is the entire item.

This is just ridiculous.  Funny, but ridiculous.

Joe Biden today told law enforcement officials that Judge Sotomayor “gets what it takes to keep our communities safe and our streets clean.”

Joe, she is not applying to be either a policeman or janitor.

When you read RedState, you become kinda numb to Teh Stoopid™ but this actually stung a little.

First of all, Biden wasn't talking about what Sotomayor would do, he was talking — and this is where "basic reading comprehension" comes in handy — about her understanding of what law enforcement does.  As for keeping the streets clean, that's an idiom that means "eliminating street crime."

It's like these people are alien invaders, trying to blend in so they can take over the world — and they're doing a lousy job.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane
RedState's broken software produces another broken link.  Here is a link to the Morning Briefing, where this was item #2.  There might be more than was is excerpted... who knows?

Said Larry Summers, “Some of the adjustments can take place almost immediately as people see more income in their paychecks, as state and local governments will get support so that they can prevent layoffs of teachers, policemen, other essential personnel. And there are a ton of shovel-ready projects that are out there that are being canceled right now that are not going to be canceled when this program passes. All told, there’s enough here that Christina Romer, the President’s chief economic advisor, has estimated that he’ll create between three and four million jobs...”
[Summers] anticipated things would get worse before they got better.
Barring a miracle, unemployment will soon surpass 10 percent. So either Summers and the Obama team had no clue how to ‘fix’ the economy, or had actually crafted a plan that would make it worse. The fact that unemployment is so clearly and dramatically at odds with Obama’s projection forces one conclusion or the other. Are they incompetent, or are they committing malpractice?
So think are pretty much going the way that they were predicted to go, but there has to be a way to spin this that the Obama Administration is inept.  There just has to!

Barack’s Jesus talk

I like how they attack a fellow Christian by dismissing his faith as "Jesus talk."  More on that below.

But now it appears that President Obama has taken a new approach to trying to win over the Christians - use the word “Jesus” a lot.  According to a new article by the Politico’s Eamon Javers, Obama has used the word “Jesus” more often than even President George W. Bush.
More than four months into the Obama presidency, a picture is emerging of a chief executive who is comfortable with public displays of his religion — although he has also paid tribute to other faiths and those he called “nonbelievers” during his inaugural address.
Apparently, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins is torn on the implications of this.
“I applaud that. It gives people a sense of comfort,” Perkins said. “But I think it’s a veneer, a facade that covers over a lot of policies that are anti-Christian.” That includes, in his view, Obama’s stance in favor of abortion rights.
Oh noes!  This isn't a new approach, Obama has been comfortable expressing his Christian beliefs in public since the campaign.  This is upsetting Upper and Lower Wingnuttia for a couple of reasons.

1. The right thinks that it pwnz Christianity.  Sorry, wingnuts, but over 80% of this country is Christian and that means that a lot of Christians aren't wingnuts.  Left-wing politicians who are comfortable expressing Christian faith rob them of a wedge issue.

2. Obama is highlighting that the right's version of Christianity is spiritually bankrupt.  He's Christian, but he doesn't put down other faiths or those with no faith.  He points out that Jesus Christ preached peace, love and understanding.  

Wingnuts would like everyone to believe that Christianity has three main goals: banning abortion, thwarting science, and oppressing homosexuals.  This would come as a real surprise to Jesus.  If the descriptions of Judgment Day are literally true, then the Christianoids on the right aren't going to like His reaction to their misrepresentation.

Really, Jesus boiled Christianity down to one simple rule:

John 15:11-13 (The Message translation)

I've told you these things for a purpose: that my joy might be your joy, and your joy wholly mature. This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you. This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends.
That's the kind of Christianity that Obama talks about and the wingnuts hate it.  They hate it because they could never follow this commandment for a nanosecond.  They are violent, selfish and hateful.

This was choice:

As a Christian myself, one thing I have tried to avoid is to judge one’s sincerity of faith.
If you guessed that he spends the rest of the paragraph judging the sincerity of other people's faith, you would be right.  I hope you don't expect a prize because it was really obvious that was coming.

Guantanamo Bay detainee transferred to New York

So it begins. The Obama administration has made its first transfer of a detainee at the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to United States soil.
Human sacrifice, dogs and cat living together, mass hysteria!

Oh wait, it's no big deal.  Darn, and we were assured there would be terrorists running through Mrs. Johnson's azalea bushes by mid-afternoon.

Once again, as with the $50 billion bankruptcy/bailout of General Motors, Obama demonstrates he will do whatever his liberal left-wing extremist supporters want, regardless of what most Americans think.
Wasn't it Bush's sole virtue that he didn't "govern by the polls" and just did what was right — even when it was a disaster?  The President has the support of the American people and they can't stand it.

The PayGo Bait and Switch

They are moving PayGo toward law.  PayGo prevents unfunded mandates from going into the budget.  It doesn't cap discretionary spending because that would mean that it wasn't discretionary.  This is a complaint about that.

To buttress his complaint, author Brian Faughnan pulls a statistic out of the all of some right-wing political action committee.

So the Democrats’ big new idea for controlling the deficit will actually explode it by more than $2 trillion. Even when they promise fiscal rectitude, they can’t help spending America into oblivion. Because discretionary spending is exempt, Congressional Democrats can enact another $1 trillion porkulus bill, without offsetting a penny. They can permanently increase the baseline for federal spending, and never cut a dime.

And PayGo does nothing to force spending reductions, either. All it does is require that added entitlement spending be offset with spending cuts or tax increases. Care to guess which option Democrats will choose when they attempt to pass nationalized health care?

Oh boo hoo.

June’s Rasmussen trust numbers versus May’s.

So, last month I posted Rasmussen’s report that the Republicans were back to being trusted more than Democrats on four critical topics, and trusted more and/or tied on five.  It got a surprising amount of play, given that I hadn’t really thought all that much about it when I wrote it.  Besides, it was one month, compared to a very, very, very bad month for Republicans; the numbers could very easily shift by the next month.

They did.

You can look at the numbers, if you want.  The story here is that as Americans continue to suffer, trust in the newly-forged Democratic powerhouse erodes.  There's no surprise there.
As is immediately obvious, the Republican Party is now trusted more on six out of ten (tied in one more), including the most critical one of the economy.  Also note that the GOP has had a net shift in its favor in eight of the ten categories.  In no category did the Democrats improve on their trust levels in May, and in nine of ten, they dropped; the GOP increased their trust ratings in seven of ten.  Most gratifyingly, the Government Ethics category (which is the most volatile, from what I’ve seen so far) is currently pegged at something approaching objective reality.
So what Moe doesn't mention is that most of the gains for the Republicans have come in the form of the Democrats losing ground, which, as I said, was to be expected.

Only in the Government Ethics category have the Republicans gained ground ("objective reality" — heh).  As Moe himself admits, one shouldn't read too much into that.

Not So Wise

Oh God, make it stop.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has come under fire for the following controversial comment that she made in prepared remarks at the University of California-Berkeley.
Yeah, she's come under fire from a tiny mob of self-important right-wing anus fountains.  Nobody is buying the "Sotormayor is racist" smear.  Can't these guys find anything else?  I'm starting to think that Sonia Sotomayor may be the most qualified nominee in Supreme Court history — at least from a personal standpoint.
With 59 Senators and a high personal approval rating, President Obama should have been able to drive Sotomayor’s nomination through the Senate with little or no question.
Yeah, so sit back and enjoy the show, asswipes.

RIP Private William Long

This is one of the most disgusting pieces I've read on RedState in a while.  At first, I thought it would simply be a memorial to a murdered soldier, but oh no, that would be vaguely classy.

Last week, Pvt. Long was killed in the line of duty, in service to his country. Outside the recruiting station where he was serving temporary duty in the Hometown Recruiter’s Assistance Program, Long and Pvt. Quinton I. Ezeagwula were attacked in a craven act of terrorism. Long is the first military member killed by Islamic terror on our shores since September 11th.
That's right, it's trying to score cheap political points on the death of this man.  The wingnuts are that desperate to have another 9/11 happen on Obama's watch.  There's no similarity here.  This was an American who had converted to Islam so recently that it's a real stretch to claim that he even knew much about it.  

They are also desperate to put the Tiller murder out of everyone's mind.  Say, RedState, did Pvt. Long's killer have the name of another convicted terrorist written on his dashboard?  Was there evidence of an organized conspiracy like that at all?  Long's killer was just a lone nut with no ties to a vast and sickening web of violent extremists.

I'm just appalled.

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to The Red Pen on Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 07:04 AM PDT.



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