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This is a dispatch from tonight's protest at the infamous Gay DNC fundraiser.


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About 40 of us spent a hot afternoon waving signs and heckling a bunch of rich-ass homosexuals and assorted Democratic luminaries as they arrived at today’s Big Gay Fundraiser at the Mandarin Oriental.   Me – a true blue Democrat, proud and loyal Obamabot, a mere six months after my dream inauguration-- waving my arms and shouting at total strangers to stop giving money to the DNC.

Our signs demanded action on DOMA, DADT, and chastised Democrats for their trifling attitude towards gays.  We chanted.  Someone launched into "No money for the Democratic Party until they show action on gay rights!" but we kinda struggled with the beat on that one and it fizzled.  Eventually, we found a  rhythm:  "BOY-COTT   THE DNC,  BOY-COTT  THE DNC!"  As if to prove that money does indeed talk, this  slogan usually managed to catch someone's attention.  Most would turn around with this look that was all “Wha? Huh? Who me?” before ducking down their heads and scurrying into the hotel, the tassles on their shiny loafers flapping in the wind.

And, yes, I'm going to mention the issue of class division in the gay community.  Not just because I was one of the raggedy, tennis-shoed crazies out in the sun.  But because it is real and very much on display.  The homos who suck up to the DNC are not like the rest of us, and maybe that is why they often seemed completely taken aback at the depth of our anger.  I don't hold it against people to be rich - goddess willing, I might get there myself someday.  But I'm just an average guy who spent my summer knocking on doors and phone banking to elect Democrats.  It wasn't glamorous, but it got the job done, and I have earned my claim on the ear and heart of our party.  

Did we have any effect?  We definitely had SOME kind of impact, though it may play itself out in subtle ways as people relive the evening.  Did it take some of the fun out of it for the party-goers to be heckled as they ducked heads and ran for cover?   Were they embarassed by their own blind loyalty to a party that treats gays as second class?  Or were they just embarrassed BY us...by our strident demands, our uncompromising attitude, our loud mouths and our crappy signs?  Just as well – we got our point across, and I think we gave them something to talk about.  For that alone, they owe us thanks.

Tammy Baldwin made a brief appearance – kudos to her for showing her face.  As PeeWee Herman's tour guide said at the Alamo:  "And, y'all I really MEAN that!"   Actually, I do - I thought she was classy and composed.  Barney  Frank probably just snuck in through a side door, like Joe Biden.   Tammy gamely tried to mingle with some of the protesters, but I think one of our more strident members told her either to grab a sign or bugger off.  About 20 minutes after entering, she made a quick departure.   I have new respect for her.

Jared Polis also appeared and was, by all accounts, something of a tool.  He apparently asked one of our protesters why we weren’t protesting the RNC.  As if the answer were not obvious enough: BECAUSE WE ARE DEMOCRATS, YOU DUMBASS!  Jaysus - how can someone get elected to public office who doesn't even recognize his constituents when they are waving rainbow flags and pink buttons?

I don’t have any pics, but if any kossaks were there and have pics to post, feel free to hijack the thread.  Thanks and a big shout out to my fellow protestors.  See you all too soon!

Nevermind - here's a link to the photos on facebook

1) It was FUN!
2) Sorry for the multiple edits.
3) Since I complained loudly about the title of a recent diary for its use of the word "gay," let me point out preemptively that the multiple references in my diary to the sexual orientation of its subjects are actually relevant to the issue. (last edit:  :)  

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Originally posted to SCOTT IN DC on Thu Jun 25, 2009 at 08:47 PM PDT.

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