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Obama did what George W. Bush could never do.  He got up in front of the corporate media presented his points clearly and made a compelling arguement for healthcare.  

In an hour newconference, he took the millions of dollars poured into the noise machine and dimantled their talking points with the way Obama knows how to do.

So what will the noise machine and the corporatists do?  They will do the old smoke and mirrors, the old bait and switch as they continue to stall legislation and get to the corrupt politicians.  They have decided that Obama's comment about the law professor (which I won't go into any further because I won't take the bait) is more important to discuss than the morality of what Obama was discussing and the impact healthcare has on our country's future....


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It is much more important that we cut the greed in the healthcare industry.  It is more important that people don't lose their life savings because the healthcare industry has put a price on how much it costs to live and die on certain proceedures covered and not covered.  It is more important that healthcare doesn't break the country's back as more (babyboomers) and more people will be presented with more health concerns as the largest demographic in this country gets older.

The media doesn't want you talking about this.  The media wants you watching Michael Jackson and the other crap they spew 24/7.  

They are trying to buy time to change the subject.

They are beholden to the drug industry's advertising, the healthcare industry's advertising and the big greedy corporate model that has taken over.  

This arguement is between the Nationalists and the Corporatists plain and simple.

Obama is trying to take our country back, we need to help him!!

Keep the discussion focused on healthcare.   Millions of people are depending on you!!!

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Originally posted to NMDan on Thu Jul 23, 2009 at 06:22 AM PDT.

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