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"The industry is private!  It always has been, and it always should be.  It has been successful, and it provides quality service to honest Americans who pay for it.  No American should be forced to pay for a free loader who is just too lazy, ignorant, or unskilled to work and earn their own way.

If the government gets their hand in the industry, it will only make things more complicated, expensive, and ineffecient.  We ALL know that the government that governs less, governs best.  But someone forgot to tell the radical socialists in the statehouse!


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If we wanted to be like Prussia, or some other European socialist faux-Utopia, we would move there.  We don't need that socialist dream (NIGHTMARE!) moving to our shore.  Massachusettes is leading the way on this - but they aren't leading us toward liberty, they are leading us toward socialism and tyrrany.  

I mean, what place does the Government have telling us what we do and don't have to do anyway?  If I don't want to use these services, I shouldn't be required to.  This is a decision that I and my family should make.  I don't want some Washington beaurocrat making it for me!

And if those radicals do push their laws through, who knows what kinds of agendas my tax dollars will go to fund!  We stand for God's way, not man's way.  If those radicals want to take my dollars and fund an abomination, I will fight, fight, FIGHT!!!

So hear me closely, you Washington elites.  I will not pay for services for the ignorant and lazy.  I will not let you control decisions that should be left up to my family.  And I will not let you force your agenda on me and my children!!!!!"

If that rant sounds familiar, it's probably because it could easily have been said by any Republican in the last week.  Except, that little creative writing excercise wasn't actually about Universal Health Care, but about another time of social change in American history - the advent of public education.

In that day, the service being socialized was education, and the party at the fore-front of the reform movement were Republicans.  The ones kicking their feet and fighting change were Democrats.  But the politics aside, the parralells are strikingly similar.  

The education systems of the early 1800s were private and, for the in-crowd (white males) they were highly effective.  According to the history over at wikipedia, 97% of whites were able to read during this age of education.

And yet reformers rightly saw the need to provide a quality education to all citizens regardless of their economic status or skin color.  They also saw the need to create a standard of education to prevent radical agendas from coloring truth.  This created a stable base of common knowledge for all Americans.

And as a result, integration took place in the children's schools bringing about social change (that is, at least, until reactionary southern Democrats instituted segregation once again).  

So in a bygone era a party pushed for a new vision of equal access to a basic human necessity - education.  In doing so, they further leveled the playing field so that all young people had a chance to succeed.  And they also brought about social change as a result, aiding the process of racial reconciliation.

And now that same party, the formerly progressive and inovative Republican party, is tarnishing their once great record of social equality and justice by attacking another attempt to provide equal access to a basic right - health care.

I think that one of the most fundamental ways to win the health care debate on the personal level is with this example.  The public school system (faulty though it may be) is a 150+ year old socialist tradition that our country continues to stand behind.  And it was brought to us by Republicans who long ago would have ceased to recognize their party.

May this be remembered, to the shame of the Party of NO.

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Originally posted to proseandpromise on Tue Jul 28, 2009 at 10:27 AM PDT.

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