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As August comes to an end, yet another month has come and gone with the top of the ballot remaining OPEN on the Democratic side.  Now, don't get me wrong, everyone knows challenging an incumbent US Senator, especially one like Johnny Isakson in Georgia, is a daunting challenge.  However, there is now a movement with growing support each day to draft Jane Vandiver Kidd, current Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, to run for the US Senate in 2010.

If Democrats in Georgia are serious about winning elections again, especially the all-important Governor's mansion and some down-ballot races to pick up numbers before redistricting, then Democrats need the strongest possible voice at the top -- a leader who will fight for them.  Jane Kidd is a leader hundreds of Georgians are already rallying behind in an attempt to draft her to run for US Senate...


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Jane Kidd has an impressive background, strong leadership skills and qualities, and is passionate and dedicated to grassroots politics at every level, winning election as Chair in part because of her top targeted campaign in 2006 which was one of the best grassroots campaigns GA had seen, but also on her pledge to rebuild the party with a 159-county strategy similar to Howard Dean's 50-state strategy.  As chairwoman of the state party, she is in a perfect position to challenge Johnny Isakson and bring a unified face and message to the Democratic Party in Georgia.  There is a great opportunity to divide and take on the Republicans, especially as the GOP faces overcrowded primaries and egos ahead.  However, with a crowded Democratic Governor's primary, a lack of Senate candidate, and no real buzz going, the Democrats in Georgia are running out of time to capitalize and push the Democratic vision forward.

Here's more background on Jane from the website, please spread the word and help draft Jane to run for Senate and build the buzz that Democrats can win in Georgia in 2010:

Everyone knows this will be an uphill battle. But, Jane Kidd has never backed down from a hard fight before. Jane is a proven leader who has always fought for what she believed in, no matter what the odds.

Daughter of Governor Ernest Vandiver and grand-niece of US Senator Richard B. Russell, Jane comes from a family of fighters. At the age of 27 she won her first election on the Lavonia City Council, where Jane would serve three terms.

In 2004, Jane was a rising star in the Democratic Party as a newly elected State Representative. In 2006, Jane launched her campaign for State Senate despite a Republican redistricting to keep her out. Jane didn’t back down and ran one of the best grassroots campaigns Georgia had seen.

The Republicans could not silence Jane with the gerrymandered district. Building off her campaign, Jane came from behind in a heavily contested election to become Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia in 2007. Jane has served tirelessly with the commitment of transforming grassroots politics statewide.

We need a leader who will fight for us in the Senate. Georgia needs a voice again.

We need to draft Jane Kidd for US Senate.

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Originally posted to Draft Jane Kidd on Mon Aug 31, 2009 at 05:45 PM PDT.

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