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Slowly but surely, my campaign for Rensselaer County Legislature moves ahead.  This week, I was pleased to learn I have received the endorsement of the Troy Area Labor Council.

I was interviewed by about a dozen people, representatives of a number of unions ranging from the New York State United Teachers to the Bricklayers.  They asked interesting and  probing questions regarding my views of labor in general, and health care reform, the Employee Free Choice Act, and much more in particular.


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I was fairly confident going into the interview, and not just because I'm the Democratic candidate.

I am the daughter of a union member (Dad was in the Steamfitters Union back in the 1950s); I am a union member myself (NYSUT/AFT); and the mom of a soon-to-be union member (International Association of Television and Stage Employees).

But the interview was no walk in the park.  I was asked if I would support workers rights and support efforts to enact put clear legal standards so public funds for economic development are directed to responsible companies that are held accountable for job creation.  The latter is a big issue for Rensselaer County as the current Republican administration and Legislature has done little to attract and keep businesses that create good-paying jobs.

I explained that I would support green jobs and Smart Growth, and that the county had to work toward better public transportation, saving historic sites, and reducing industrial and farm run-off.

Through the interview process, I realized what an important and big job being an elected official, even at the county level, is. There are so many things that need tending to and fixing.  Where does one start?

So I will ask.  I will ask residents and community leaders, business people and union members.  I will do this because I believe that the grassroots will inform my decisions and point me in the right direction, just as I look to the netroots for support and encouragement.

You can make a donation to my campaign on my ActBlue Page.

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Originally posted to Linda Underwood on Sun Aug 30, 2009 at 05:52 PM PDT.

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