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target Last night, at 3:31am, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched a petition asking Congress to censure Rep. Joe Wilson:

"Enough is enough. On an issue as critical as health care reform, it's time to stop the lies, the misinformation, and the uncivil disruptions. Rep. Joe Wilson went way over the line by yelling 'You lie' during President Obama's speech, and Congress should censure him immediately."

Sign the petition here. 

(UPDATE: Thanks so much for all the rec's folks, please do keep em coming!)

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We set a goal of 20,000 signers by noon. We got 21,000.

And as of 3:31pm, that's grown to 33,000. Help us get to 50,000? Sign here.

Today, we will also be placing $ 10,000 in online ads -- including blog ads and Google ads, in South Carolina and Washington, DC calling for Wilson to be censured.

In addition, we'll be asking all 33,000 folks who signed the petition so far to call their Representative at (202) 224-3121 to ask them to call for censure.

Why censure? From our PCCC email last night:

Right-wing Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) played the roll of teabagger by yelling "You lie!" at the president. Let's go on offense...

Censure could be a real possibility if we go on offense now. Sen. John McCain called Wilson's yelling "totally disrespectful." Wilson later called his own actions "inappropriate and regrettable" but repeated the same misinformation he yelled out at President Obama -- about 'illegal aliens'.

Frankly, an apology is not enough. Apologies weren't enough for Van Jones, the bold progressive who right-wingers forced to resign from the White House this past week for remarks taken out of context. And House Rules of Decorum specifically state that it is not permissible to call the President a "liar" -- let alone yell it.


Today, Arlen Specter even called for censure. (Man, I'll miss that guy's newfound boldness when Sestak crushes him.)

Now's the time to push this, and teach the far-right a lesson. Please sign the petition -- and then call your Member of Congress today at (202) 224-3121.

UPDATE (4:30pm): Petition is up to 35,000 signers.

UPDATE (6:53pm): Petition is up to 39,500 signers.

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Originally posted to AdamGreen on Thu Sep 10, 2009 at 12:46 PM PDT.

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