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The NFL returns, Serena looses her mind, and the Rockies and Red Sox are running wild for the Wild Card. The re-premiere of "This Week In Sports" from The Whole Delivery.

And after the Steerlers opening night victory over the Titans, the NFL really, REALLY kicks off today.

Lots of great games today, including these three close ones that are the guarantee locks today.

First, as a Yankee fan, I had to give The Captain the full approbation:


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Two of the great surprises last season, the Dolphins and the Falcons, square off today in the Georgia Dome. Both teams lost in the opening weekend of the playoffs last year, and come in with high hopes. But with the game being in the ATL, and the addition of tony Gonzalez, I say let the Dirty birds rise again today. Falcons to cover with the -4.

The Giants are given -6.5 against The Redskins. The "G" men will win this one, but that is too big of a cover against a Redskins team that with the addition of Albert Haynesworth, will again be not a slouch in arguably still the toughest division in football. Redskins to cover that number.

And finally, the Packers and Jay Culter's (and Kos' ) Bears. Aaron Rodgers, may you continue to be a success in this league, and that will happen tonight. The Packers defense has improved, and the Bears are still trying to make Devin Hester their number one receiver. Close game, no question, but I say Packers to cover the -4.5 slightly. And now , here is the rest of the sports from this week.....and today!

As one who is truly a tennis journalist and a massive, MASSIVE supporter of Serena Williams, it was beyound appalling what she did last night in her semifinals lose to comeback mom Kim Clijsters. It was quite clearly, for me, one of the worst displays I have ever seen in sports.

This is what I wrote at Tennis.com in the comments section about the situation:

For the sake of this tournament, the men must have an epic semifinal, and Caroline Wozniacki plays well in the final.

Because what Serena did last night, as a massive Serena supporter, MASSIVE, was one of the worst things I have ever seen in sports.

And it emboldened the racists (or the haters) on her because of her stupid moment.

When Serena and the tournament director, lines person, and chair umpire were all convened together, and Serena said "She did not say she killed her", someone yelled "Yeah, you did" from the stands.

No question, Serena was clearly threatening her. The racket, the language. Yeah, she was blowing off steam and I definitely believed she would not attack her.

But still, no question she was there.

It is a moment that will haunt her for the rest of her career.

No other champion would have done that, ever.

Not Federer (despite him having his moments), not Nadal.....Not even her sister would have done something like that.

Venus would have never come close to doing something like that, at all.

Just this morning on the Kos, we have talked about race in terms of the "You Lie" guy with the narcissist that is Maureen Dowd along with a brilliant economic perspective from Guinho, and in this situation, Serena's stupid actions have opened herself up for to her haters, and namely, the racists who will use this against her big time. Just go to the Youtube video or some o the comments on the Tennis forums (or even on Twitter), and you'll see the hate emitting on her thanks to her disgraceful actions.

And now, because of that, Serena may have costed her sister Venus a chance at the doubles title. Serena maybe suspended for tomorrow's final with her sister against either Number one seeds Black/Huber or Aussie S & S duo of Stosur and Stubbs, who play their match today.

Just awful form her, and I may have more on that in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the men's semifinals are today, and despite Andy Murray not being there after his shocking display to Marin Cilic in  the Round of 16, it is nevertheless a great lineup. Juan Martin del Potro should beat Rafael Nadal in this match based on both form alone. But del Potro may have the expectations of being the slight favorite in this match get to him, and if Nadal plays the way he did against Fernando Gonzalez yesterday, it will be a wonderful feeling to see the glorious Spainard in the final.

Still though, I think the giant Argentine advances to his first Grand Slam final, to take on.................Novak Djokovic.

Yup, I think Djokovic wins today against Roger Federer. I really do think he is primed for a big win this year at a massive stage finally. The Serb has downright failed at the final stages of big matches this year, passed by Murray and even Andy Roddick in the rankings.

But as Fed's quality has dropped, Djokovic has risen as this tournament has progressed, and I think today he will seize the chances.

Still wouldn't mind seeing a Federer-Nadal final though. And I know I am not in the minority on that thought.

Quick Hits
May the Mark Barkley era start now, based on last night's heroics for USC in making Columbus, Ohio stand in Silence. Oh, and Joe McKnight, to me, is just as gold as Javed Best of California. he displayed that last night to the nation.

Barkley and Tate Forcier really repped big for the true freshman in America yesterday, didn't they?

Mike Gundy's defense did not play like "Men" yesterday against a talented Houston team. Sucks for Boone Pickens though, hahaha. Though Dez Bryant did show up again like he always does.

Caster Semenya's story continues to unfold, and I will say this.

It is not fair to the other females in the race who have trained and dedicated their lives in the 800 meters (and other possibly the 1500 meters) to just see someone with something they don't have physical in terms of a body part be in the fields and beat them .

And if that is the case, then the IAAF, who has always been outstanding in handling unfair situations in my view, has to do something about this situation in terms of transgender athletes. Create a division for that own, say that they need to complete against men in general?

 I don't know.

But it is totally unfair in my mind though to those women. Try telling them that if you fell offended over people "attacking" Semenya. There are jerks out there who will say hurtful things of course about the South African, but then there are others who have looked at this situation with a heavily heart and a rational base.

The Rockies seem to have run away from the Giants. Or, to the great Joan Walsh's dismay, the Giants have fallen apart. Ten again, that offense put a lot of pressure on that great pitching staff to perform day in and ay out.

And yeah, it looks like The Rays won't be close to defending their AL pennant this year, will they?

Was Michael Jordan crying on Friday at the Basketball Hall of Fame because he can't play the game anymore that he loves? Or, is he also crying because he has down nothing outside of basketball to lend his prodigious talents elsewhere in a beneficial way?

Who knows outside of him?

You would think John Stockton would cry more because of jordan denying him the titles he never got. But oh life is not that easy to decipher, isn't it?

For those who like to know, the NHL is coming back soon too now.

People hearing that Argentina won't qualify for next year's World Cup.........Don't worry, they will at days end. Portugal on the other hand..........it is really iffy at best.

And the United States winning on the road anywhere in World Cup Qualifying his a great result, contrary to what the irrational say who don't know the game.

And oh, speaking of soccer, there has been outrage today at Manchester City's Emmanuel Adebayor for his celebration in front of his old fans, Arsenal, in his new teams big 4-2 win yesterday in an exciting day in the most exciting soccer/football league in the world.

Here is what Adebayor did:

If they over in England think that was outrageous, then they need to see what Justin Gage did this week with the Steerlers fans.......

Or what Randy Moss did to Packers fans five years ago:

For this Week in Sports, enjoy full Week 1 coverage of the No Fun Blackout League. Until then, from The Whole Delivery, Salutations all!!!

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