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I've been really busy over at TheCrookedDope.  I've interviewed (video) Joe Lieberman, Kay Bailey-Hutchison, Jeff Sessions, and scores of House Republicans.

Not too long ago, Joe Scarborough called on elected republicans to demonstrate a bit of leadership by distancing themselves from some of the nuttier garbage spewed by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  He announced that he'd be creating an "honor roll" for responsible Republicans.

Well, I sent him this tweet:

@JoeNBC I found a Republican for your "honor roll": http://bit.ly/...

and got this back:
JoeNBC @mike_stark Thanks so much for sharing this video. I don't know much about Dave Reichert, but THAT is how more Republicans should act.

JoeNBC @mike_stark We're going to reach out to Congressman Reichert for the show. You can disagree with your opponents forcefully but respectfully.


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So yeah, you may very well find a lot of diff't stuff to like over at my place.

I ask Lieberman if he'll join Republicans in filibustering health care.

I ask Jeff Sessions why Republicans haven't driven John Ensign and David Vitter out of the Senate.

I ask Kay Bailey Hutchison if Rick Perry's metrosexuality (or homosexuality) will come up in her primary challenge against him.

Roy Blunt is running for Senate in MO.  I ask him if he'll embrace or repudiate Rush Limbaugh's Nazi rhetoric...  When he refuses to answer, I ask him how many Jews are walking around with tattoos on their forearms in his district.

Anyway, yeah, this is blog-whoring most pure.  But I wanted to let you folks know where I'm putting my stuff these days.  I hope you'll drop by from time to time.

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Originally posted to Mike Stark on Wed Oct 07, 2009 at 08:12 PM PDT.

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