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If we use the analogy of government as a car we can illustrate the different political realities in ways that Joe six pack can understand.


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   Todays govt is like a late model American car, dependable but certainly not the best available. It will get you to work and around town. It doesn't break down often and the gas mileage isn't the best but it's what most people can afford.
    Our govt is pretty much the same, the snow gets plowed and the potholes filled.  social security checks go out on time and the tax man collects on April 15th.
    So here is the argument.
 As Democrats we are trying to keep the car on the road, doing the regular maintenance and fixing the breakdowns. We even try to figure out how to get better mileage or how to make the ride more comfortable. We also understand that everyone can't drive a luxury car, but basic transportation is essential for society to function.
    At this time the Republicans want the road all for themselves. They aren't interested in keeping the car on the road and they don't care if we skip the 3000 mile services. (that costs money and money doesn't grow on trees). In fact they are actively trying to break the car. They want it unreliable so people don't trust that it will get them to work and back again.
The worst part is that they have no replacement and really don't care.
    This attitude is what we have to fight against every day.
It is easy to complain about the ride (are we there yet), but we have to work even harder now because if we don't,

we all end up in the ditch.

Thank you for your time.

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Originally posted to mcgee85 on Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 07:01 AM PST.


best car?

15%2 votes
15%2 votes
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7%1 votes
46%6 votes

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