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The diary that just made the recommended list and will probably stay there all day is not exactly correct. The headline is, but the implications made in the diary lead the reader to believe things which aren't true.

The CNN poll in question does say that President Obama's approval rating is up to 54%. That's correct.

It says this about the bill:

According to the poll, 42 percent of Americans, based on what they've read or heard about the bill, support Senate Democrat's legislation. That's up from 36 percent in a poll conducted December 2-3. Nonetheless, a majority of people questioned in the survey, 56 percent, oppose the bill.

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It also says in the article that "virtually all the increase in support for the health care bill has come from Democrats."

The poll also asked if the health care bill will help Americans and here are the results:

38 percent saying if the bill becomes law things will change for the worse, 34 percent feeling that the bill will change things for the better and 26 percent saying things will not change.
Very few people think it will help their own coverage:
But less than 1 in 4 think the bill will make their own health care coverage better
Confidence in the president is still fading, and this isn't good for him or Democrats.
But the survey also indicates Obama may not be living up to expectations. Nearly half of those polled, 48 percent, feeling that Obama's fallen short. The 48 percent who say the president's fallen short of their expectations is up 20 points from May.
I just think we should be honest here.

On the bill itself:

...Americans still oppose its passage, only four in ten agree with Senate Republicans that the bill is too liberal.
Americans want a more liberal bill, this poll shows. It would gain wider support and President Obama's approval would go up if we had a more liberal bill.

That diary says:

Despite the highly vocal progressive clamoring for killing the bill and blustery claims that its enactment will lose Obama his base for all time, it's now apparent that more unpopular than anything was the process, not the final product.
This leads the reader to think that suddenly the bill is gaining massive support. It's not. It also leads the reader to believe people don't want the "liberals" to advocate for a more liberal bill, but the polling suggests otherwise.

The diarist states:

Once the bill is passed and Obama's first major accomplishment is on the books, I think the Dems will cruise to a very comfortable midterm election and Obama will have plenty of capital to spare for the rest of his first term agenda.
Based on what? Support for the bill is still low, the rise among Democrats is likely Democrats rallying behind an important, flawed bill. And obviously everyone thinks it's severely flawed as the polling suggests. Democrats have a lot to lose here.  
Whether or not you approve of the content of the bill, the fact remains that Obama's base is still with him and he has shown the same patience and grace as an executive that he did as a candidate.
Except faith in him is fading and people are unhappy with the bill as well.

Read the damn article.

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