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Things might be getting interesting in the Keystone State. The head of a Pennsylvania anti-tax umbrella group has issued a public call for the teabagging of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett. Tom Corbett has been attorney general since 2004. He is the front runner for the Republican nomination to replace Democratic governor Ed Rendell.


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Tom Corbett's main rival in the Republican primary was Congressman Jim Gerlach from PA-6, a district in the Philadelphia suburbs north of the city. Gerlach announced his withdrawal from the race leaving Corbett the heir apparent. That decision received a big thumbs up from the state Republican leaders, who say are relieved Corbett won't have to spend resources on a primary but will be able to keep everything to throw at his to be determined Democratic opponent.

But not so fast.

State Rep. Sam Rohrer (Berks County) is still in the race, and may become the little teabag that could. Rohrer has the goods. He graduated from Bob Jones University. He led an effort to pass the 10th Amendment Resolution, a Quixotian attempt to assert "state rights". He supports eliminating school property taxes and "private or enhanced public school programs".

Enter the teabaggers.

In today's Harrisburg newspaper is an op-ed by David Baldinger, whose byline reads:

spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations, an organization of 36 taxpayer groups that is working for school property tax elimination and education finance reform.
Baldinger is mad as hell that Corbett and the state Republican machine think the primary is all locked up:
Gleason (PA Republican Chair) and the Pennsylvania Republican leaders have completely lost touch with their base and are misreading the mood of the Pennsylvania electorate and, indeed, that of the nation.
Oh shit. Sounds like Scozzafava words to me. So what are they going to do about it? Check it out:
Patriot organizations, taxpayer advocates, tea party, 9/12 and similar grassroots groups have come together and will speak with one voice to repudiate the power of the political elite who would strip us of our liberty.
No one would call that threat "veiled", and it isn't aimed at us. It is aimed at the Republican establishment rodeo clowns that have been trying to ride the teabagger bull all year (I know the clowns don't ride, but stick with me). We've seen the crowds turn on Republican establishment candidates before and it sounds like we may see it again.

Let's look at what might happen:
1. The teaparty never gets off the ground, Corbett quietly gets the nomination. I don't have any idea how big this guy Baldinger's teabags are. Maybe this is much ado about nothing.
2. The teaparty forces Corbett far to the crazy to win the nomination. This is good for us -- it spends his money and makes him look like an ass and horrifies the PA electorate.
3. The teaparty forces Corbett far to the crazy and Rohrer wins anyway. Rohrer is small time, no name recognition, and may have to tear the Republicans apart to win. This is nothing but good news for the Democratic nominee.
4. Rohrer goes Teaparty. Splits the Republican vote, great news for Democrats.

Democratic Candidates on the web:
Christopher Doherty, mayor of Scranton
Joe Hoeffel, former Congressman and current state legislator, Montgomery County
Dan Onorato, Allegheny County
Jack Wagner, PA Auditor - General

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Originally posted to gooners on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 10:46 AM PST.

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