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OK, I get it.. your hair is on fire, your spirit is broken. You are shocked, hurt, and more than likely really just plain old pissed off.

And the pony you were so deeply hoping for, was just given to your neighbor instead who is now riding it around his backyard wearing nothing but a mask and a speedo yelling "Hi Ho Silver"!

Yes life right now is pretty dark for so many of us, and many of our fellow citizens, I feel your pain and agree with you, but lets not lose sight of our personal power and what we as Americans and Democrats can do to make things better right now, today.

Follow me after the jump please... and I will tell you a few of them.


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OK, yeah losing the senate seat in MA sucks hard, Yes Teddy would be
crushed, so how about we all cue up the Allman Brothers and share the embarressment... feel free to play some air guitar along with it, if you are so inclined.  

OK, feel better now?  Vented the upset and anger?   Had a good cry?
OK then, take a deep breath and think of these...

Write letters... yes letters. To your reps and senators tellng them of your ideas and displeasure, a written letter carries a bit more weight than an e-mail. If you are really moved, then call them and chew out their staff also.

It is what they are there for, to hear your concerns. Likelyhood that they will listen unless you are a lobbyist with a suitcase full of dollars, well just about nonexistant... so do this instead.

Make a difference in your own hometown, donate to the food bank or local shelter, they really need it. Few people remember their fellow hungry citizens after the holidays are done, even a FEW dollars or a few extra canned good items helps feed your hungry neighbors and makes an impact.

Donate and make calls for good candidates even if it isn't in your state or district, you might be like me, stuck in a red state with pretty poor choices. In the long run getting good people to DC from somewhere else can make a big difference!! Moneybomb actblue with another 10 bucks..!!

Remember this place (The Great Orange Satan) and it's people do really make a diffence, and please keep coming here and particpating in the great dialog available here.

Oh yes and one last thing, do not ever mess with or disparage the Pootie diaries here on KOS , they ARE the third rail of diaries here... and as such have been the downfall of many foolhardy humans.  A few have learned that lesson the hard way, about one half second after they heard the Lasers click on.


Make a difference! No matter how small, just KEEP making a difference!!!!



p.s. ....  And a parting word to Glen Beck, and all his unfriendly, lame, lying retarded coworkers at Faux News...

 Anti BS Pootie


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Originally posted to Nebraskablue on Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 07:03 PM PST.

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