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As someone who lives in Arizona and has suffered under right wing politics for a long time in my state, I've decided to take a one woman action to defeat John McCain in his upcoming Senate re-election.  John McCain has not done one fucking thing to help the State of Arizona and he's the most worthless Senator up there in a corral full of nincompoops of the Republican stripe.  He however has a name which he milks constantly and after all he unleased Sarah Barracuda on the national stage.  So what is my one woman plan to ichsnay the senioritis senator from the great state of Arizona?  Gotta read below the jump kiddies!


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Back in the day when I lived my younger and more foolish days in Michigan I was a political science major at Central Michigan University.  It was quite the noble calling to major in political science but I loved everything about politics and it was pure heaven to sit in a room with other like-minded students discussing and grousing about politics.  This was my first exposure to Republicans since I could not fathom how anyone could be interested in a political party that seemed so lacking in empathy for the "have nots" which is basically the poor and downtrodden with no voices to change the system.  I still fondly think to those days and though I never used my major in my career the bulb stills burn brightly to use the degree for something.

So today I read in the paper that McCain will have a pretty formidable opponent in his primary for Senate.

J.D.s the man

Gotta love a guy with balls to compare John McCain to Al Gore on issues of global warming.  So ole J.D. is a firebreathing right winger nut with a great voice and he gets lots of face time on Fox.  This guy makes his living on radio and he's a hard worker and somewhat attractive all positives for running for a national office.  Johnny Boy can barely get up in the morning and make it into work.  Too bad the Senate doesn't let you phone it in but you actually have to show up in Washington and put the hours in.  

Oh yeah back to my plan.  I'm a born and bred Democrat and the minute I turned 18 I registered as a Democrat and I'm proud to say I voted in every presidential election for the guy with the D in front of his name.  I'm now going to something that will make my stomach roil and that's change my voter preference to the Republican Party.  Add to that I'm going to donate a few bucks to J.D. Hayworth's campaign so I can be on his mailing list.  I had donated during the last presidential cycle .05 to John McCain's campaign (yes you can do that) and I get all his email campaign announcements to keep track of his every movement.  Thank god he doesn't do much because I get very few emails so my delete to junk mail finger is not worn out.

So once I'm a not so proud in name Republican I get to vote in the Republican primary and I'm going to give my vote to J.D. Hayworth (who needs a snappy nickname) and that's just one piece of my plan.  I hope to go viral with my one woman campaign and posting this diary on Daily Kos is my first step in my plan.  So everyone that lives in Arizona or knows someone in Arizona (yes that means everyone of you reading this diary) please put in a plug for me and my plan.

I know I'll get the naysayers (waves hi) that will say with a harrumph and a sigh "but what if your plan works frog belly white and the good state of Arizona has J.D. Hayworth as the Reublican nominee for Senate, this dude is to the right of Attila the Hun."

I will do the happy dance that only someone with the name Frog Belly White can do since a fringe candidate is going to lose an election on a state wide level.  Also on the 2010 ballot in Arizona will be medical marijuana (oh yeah baby) and an election for a new governor.  This means big numbers coming out and the Democrats just have to put up a 1/2 decent candidate and they'll mop the floor with no nickname at this time J.D. Hayworth.

So whatcha think of my one woman plan?  Oh yeah I need a name for it since one woman plan sounds like an off off Broadway play.

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Originally posted to frog belly white on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 08:21 AM PST.


New nickname for One Woman Plan to Defeat John McCain

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