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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report.

In Kentucky there is one person that working folks simply know as Congressman Awesome. With our depressing Congressional delegation, he is the one bresh of fresh air on the national scene. He is Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky's Third Congressional District in the Louisville area. He has been a godsend not only for Kentucky Democrats, but for all of those in the country who truly believe in Democratic ideals for our country. With the dangerous environment for incumbents, national Democrats need to do all they can do to help us get John Yarmuth re-elected.


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Congressman Yarmuth has already proven that he is a dependable voice for real Healthcare Reform in our country. On his re-election site, he has this to say about it:

Congressman Yarmuth believes we have a moral obligation as a nation to ensure every citizen has access to quality, affordable health care. With 47 million Americans uninsured and millions more underinsured, the situation is in crisis by any standard.

Congressman Yarmuth cosponsored SCHIP legislation that will provide health insurance to ten million American children, including 50,000 right here in Kentucky. This helped earn him a 100 percent rating from the Children's Defense Fund Action Council along with the distinction "Best Representative for Kids."

Congressman Yarmuth supported legislation to stop new Medicaid regulations that would deny medical rehabilitation, transportation, and case management services to millions of Americans and cost Kentucky more than a billion dollars over five years. He also supported legislation that will stop harmful payment cuts to doctors and other health care providers.

In the world's greatest nation, healthcare should be a right for everyone not a privilege for a few, and Congressman Yarmuth is working diligently to make that a reality.


When the "townhall" lunacy was going on, Yarmuth was one of the very few who had enough courage to hold a townhall. Not only did he have enough courage to hold it he used the opportunity to pitch single-payer to his constituents:

He also insured the American people that he would not vote for any legislation without a measure they widely supported, the Public Option:

See him rip into Republican tactics on healthcare here:

Better yet, Yarmuth has not only shown great courage in Congress but has been a leader. He is  not afraid to fight for Progressive ideals and to help working Americans who are suffering now more than at any time in generations. He has fought for real solutions for the working American family:

When Congressman Yarmuth came to Washington, one of the first votes he cast helped raise the minimum wage for the first time in over a decade. After raising the minimum wage, the Congressman helped craft an economic recovery package that put hundreds of dollars into the hands of more than 130 million American families-including seniors and disabled veterans. The package provided rebate checks of up to $600 per individual and $1,200 per married couple. Congressman Yarmuth championed provisions in this legislation to increase the child tax credit and tax incentives for small businesses. This package helped reinvigorate the economy, giving Americans extra money to meet their needs.

Congressman Yarmuth also supported successful legislation to extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 weeks to help millions of Americans who lost their job through no fault of their own and are struggling to find work in a slowing economy. Today, nearly 1.3 million workers have been unemployed for more than six months and the percentage of workers exhausting unemployment insurance benefits is higher than at the beginning of any of the past five recessions. This unemployment benefits extension will give over 30,000 Kentuckians time to find employment in today's difficult job market.

In addition to this relief, Congressman Yarmuth pushed for a solution to the housing crisis that largely triggered the economic downturn. The sub-prime mortgage crisis has forced the housing market into its worst slump in 16 years, with residential foreclosure orders in Jefferson Country increasing a staggering 215 percent since 2002. Fortunately, Congress responded with a housing package that will help families stay in their homes, strengthen consumer protections against risky loans in the future, and provide incentives to help families purchase new homes. This landmark legislation will help hardworking Americans in danger of losing their home refinance into lower-cost government-insured mortgages-at no cost to the American taxpayer.


I invite anyone in our party to look at John Yarmuth's voting record on the issues that matter to Progressive Americans and compare it with anyone we have in Congress:


We need to keep John Yarmuth in office not only for the working Kentuckians he has consistently supported, but because all working Americans need a friend like Yarmuth in the Congress. As a party, we need to start rewarding our leaders such as Yarmuth who will indeed fight for us. If you are thinking of investing in a candidate this year, why not invest in one with a proven track record of not fighting against the very folks who got him elected?? Congressman Yarmuth is an excellent investment for us all so lets make sure to visit ActBlue and show him we appreciate his efforts:


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Originally posted to RDemocrat on Tue Feb 16, 2010 at 11:26 AM PST.

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