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We've had a great discussion about Elaine and her campaign for Senate today, but the big news in the last 24 hours is a poll by Public Policy Polling showing Elaine to be the strongest candidate in the running.

Here are the highlights from yesterday's poll:

-- Burr's re-elect number is in the low 40s - and, according to a CNN Poll, across the nation, "anti-incumbent fever is at a record high."

-- Only 35% of voters approve of the job Senator Burr is doing in Washington - a clear sign the people of our state are rejecting the "politics of no."

-- Of those who know both Elaine and Senator Burr, Elaine leads by a margin of 49% to 40% -- an impressive stat highlighting the strength of Elaine's appeal

More below the fold.

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Today, PPP released their primary numbers in North Carolina showing -- again -- that Elaine is leading her primary opponents by double digits. Elaine is up 17% over her closest competitor. She has all the momentum in this race and is the candidate best positioned to beat Richard Burr in November.

It's the third poll in two months showing the momentum in our favor.

Democrats are uniting behind Elaine. She's a proven statewide winner, a principled candidate, who has taken on the establishment and won. She is the right candidate to restore common sense leadership to Washington and we want the netroots to be partners in this effort.

If you aren't on board yet, I suggest you read Elaine's post today and take a moment to get to know her and ask her a question. We're going to pull it all together and publish the answers early next week.

You can also learn more on her website:

If you believe in Elaine, and want to help, we need your financial support to hit the airwaves and start getting our message out to the broader public. As PPP reported yesterday, those who know Elaine and know Senator Burr support Elaine 49%-40%. That's a huge advantage and we need to act on that.

Chip in $5 to our campaign and help fund our upcoming efforts:

Thanks for your support. We'll be in touch soon.

Full disclosure: I'm consulting on Elaine's campaign.

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Originally posted to Mike Nellis on Thu Feb 18, 2010 at 12:26 PM PST.

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