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Over at Hillbilly Report, we have been following the Whirlpool plant closing in Evansville, Indiana. This closing was particularly disgusting because of the many jobs that will be shed by an already profitable company that took government money and no doubtedly got some Corporate Welfare at some point will be moved to Mexico. In the time of such high unemployment and at the point in time where the American worker is increasingly powerless to reach the middle-class, this is simply unacceptable.


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However, in light of the current tea-party movement the events that transpired yesterday in Evansville represent the way that Progressives desperately need to fight back, and those that showed up in Evansville will hopefully create a new "Whirlpool" movement that will be as angry and vocal when our jobs are shipped away, and our citizens are denied the opportunity to use their labors to better themselves and their families instead of running around in circles or living in their parents basement.

Jim Pence, my partner at Hillbilly Report whom I consider one of the finest video bloggers in the nation was able to attend and captured some great video of the rally. I think these folks successfully showed us what we all need to be doing. Unfortunately my work obligations kept me from attending but all across the country Progressives need to fight back and hit the streets like the tea-baggers and like the good folks in Evansville did Friday.

5500 people showed up and as you can see they were clearly fired up to send a message:

The President of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka spared no punches and working men and women and Progressives such heed his message:

Richard Trumka Tells Whirlpool Like It Is. Thank You Richard! from James Pence on Vimeo.

The only political candidate to show up was Ed Marksberry, the candidate running against Brett Guthrie in Kentucky's Second Congressional District. This guy really appears to be the real deal. He has already blasted the Supreme Court ruling that will allow Corporations too much power in elections, and he made it clear that he will fight for American jobs:

Go to his site here and consider an investment in a up and coming Congressional challenger for a Republican seat:


This rally represents what we all need to be doing. It is time for us to hit the streets in droves once more and counter this tea-bag movement with a hard Progressive movement of our own to demand the Progressive changes we so desperately need in our country. I feel nothing but sadness for the American workers who will lose their jobs but I believe to the bottom of my heart that we should all take note and get mad. Next time it might be our job, or someone we care about. I commend the folks in Evansville for fighting for us all!!

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Originally posted to RDemocrat on Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 08:32 PM PST.

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