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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report.

I wrote a few diaries several months ago about a Democratic newcomer in Kentucky politics when John Waltz announced his run here,here,and here. While I very much liked what Waltz was saying, I wondered about his ability to mount a race as a newcomer and in Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District. However, as this race is progressing John Waltz is proving to be an extremely viable candidate as well as being a real fighting Democrat. Now, Waltz's campaign is picking up steam and with our help could mount a real challenge to put Republicans on defense this fall in at least one previously secure district.


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I was looking around on ActBlue last night and something caught my eye. Through hard work and solid vision the Waltz Campaign has accumulated a nice little war chest and with our help could mount a serious challenge in Kentucky's Fourth to Geoff Davis. Waltz has already succeeded in raising well over $60,000 on ActBlue alone:


He has done this by letting working Kentuckians know that he will fight for them, not Mitch McConnell, Communist China, and the Big Banks like Geoff Davis. Working America and Kentucky will indeed have a friend in John Waltz who will fight for fairness and a chance at the American dream of attaining the middle-class or better:

It is imperative we assess current free trade agreements and any that come in the future to ensure that American companies and our workers can compete on an even level with their global competitors. We also need to allow businesses a chance to compete by providing job hiring tax credits and freeing up credit.

I support labor 100% including legislation such as the Employee Free Choice Act, which will provide job security, increase pay, and provide much needed benefits.


Waltz realizes that the tax cuts of the last few decades have created a system in which the working American is fleeced and the very few get to enjoy the benefits of lower taxes:

The upside down tax-cutting policies of the last thirty years has created a system where the top 1 percent of earners in America pay 6.4 percent of their incomes in taxes, which in contrast the middle class now pay 9.4 percent and the nation's bottom 20% are paying 9.4 percent. I will push to advocate for a progressive tax code, which will provide equitable taxation for working families.
And like so many of us out here in working American John Waltz realizes that the American people have lost control of their government. The current fights we have been forced to embark on even against Republicans, Bluedog Democrats, and "Centrist" Democrats in the Senate have shown one thing that should be painfully clear to all. Our government is bought and paid for and needs to be returned to its rightful owners, the American people:
For far too long our representatives in government have set the needs of voters aside because of the pay to play campaign finance system currently in place. We can put the power of government back in the hands of citizens with comprehensive campaign finance reform and creating a public finance system.

As your Congressman, I will fight for the Fair Elections Now Act, which will require a Congressional candidate to raise $50,000 via a limit of $100 maximum donations and a minimum of 1500 donors within the candidate’s state for an exchange of $900,000 in public financing. This will finally put our government back in the hands of Americans and out of the hands of the special interest lobbyists who have a stranglehold on Washington D.C.

While I am not in any way affiliated with the Waltz Campaign I really believe that this guy could make a serious run at taking this seat. He supports the values so many of us hold dear, and he needs our help. As you can see he has a very good start at really raising enough money to mount a serious fight, and at the very least put the national Repubicans on the defensive in a district they planned on being safe taking money that could be used against vulnerable Democrats elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is we simply must support real Democrats who will pay us back with more than lip service when elected. Won't you join me in helping John Waltz storm on the scene with a stunning upset this fall?? Go here and help continue the momentum Waltz has been building and help a real Democrat who will fight for working America when elected:


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Originally posted to RDemocrat on Sat Mar 13, 2010 at 08:47 PM PST.

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