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Im my opinion, the use of Americans as a captive market for trading, in exchange for markets overseas (a status that I am told that would have been 'worthless' in the global healthcare arena if Americans ever had had national single payer)  is a form of taxation without representation and illegitimate unless Americans are somhow compensated for this illegal "taking".

The average Canadian saves around a quarter million dollars over the average American in health care costs over their lifetime
Canadians are still not traded away for overseas markets (but, it apparently, is a very real and growing danger)

The American people seem incredibly unaware of how these trades in the GATS work. They don't realize that their loss in the face of the overwhelming public desire for a REAL HEALTH REFORM is potentially a quarter million dollars taken out of each of our pockets.

We need to know more. Their forcing us to buy into the illegitimate WTO model of global trade in which rights to us are traded for overseas expansion for multinationals, stinks, though.

If under the new world odor, corporations 'deserve' compensation for whenever we get something for less, then we certainly deserve compensation for that illegal "taking" THEY are doing of OUR futures. The quarter million dollars each of us will pay more for healthcare, during our lifetime, for example.


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Takings from owners, even if the "ownership" is merely of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", is a "Taking" in a VERY real sense!

Where is that future security we all desperately need? Where is that affordable healthcare we have been waiting nine years for? People have no membership in the WTO. so the stealing of our "affordability" to feed some CEO's yacht oil is taxation without representation!

A GATS Primer (Canadians.org)
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Originally posted to Andiamo on Tue Mar 16, 2010 at 05:44 AM PDT.


Is trading away shots at our market for markets overseas, making REAL healthcare affordability for us IMPOSSIBLE a taking from us, that deserves our being compensated for it, given the fact that it costs us each $250,000 more (average) per lifetime?

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