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While everyone is taking a break from making HCR phone calls, I hope we can take a few minutes for some netroots candidate love time.  

Yes; I know everyone's all atwitter over Bill Halter challenging good ol' Blanche Lincoln (and who can blame...he's quite handsome!), but we have other great Primarians for November as well.


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In the Great-but-stuck-with-some-strange-orange-pols State of Ohio, we have none other than Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner.  Hers is truly a grassroots, people-powered campaign and she is truly the kind of progressive Senator we need.

Although this contest is an open seat, she is facing an uphill battle, since the DSCC has thrown their lot in with her only "real" competition, Lee Fisher.  I put "real" in quotes because he's really not so much competition.  Yes; he has raised more money than Brunner, but fundraising isn't everything and can be countered.  Whereas there is no retrieving votes that have been cast:  the Wood County Democratic Party just endorsed Brunner by a vote of 28 to 25.  So let's help her keep that momentum rolling with donations of time or money, if you can.

Moving on to the Pine State, we have another Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, running against Richard Burr.  Right.  Okay, moving on to our next candidate...just kidding.  Like Brunner, Marshall is just the kind of progressive Senator we want and crave.  Also like Brunner, her campaign is on an upswing in momentum, with recent polling showing her closing the gap between her and Burr to within 5 points.

Let's send this set of strong, smart Secretaries to the Senate!

Now turning to Florida, land of delightful Republican Senate primaries, we Dems get to blissfully focus on one candidate:  Kendrick Meek.  Let Rubio and Crist do his dirty work for him while we get his back and make this happen.  We cannot let the field go to the GOP on this one and we shouldn't have to; like Brunner and Marshall, Meek has also enjoyed good momentum of late.  He recently polled within 5 points of Rubio.

And last but not least, we have the lovely Roxanne Conlin challenging Senator Grassley in Iowa. Right.  So, moving on...just kidding!  Conlin, like the others, is hearing good news and maintaining momentum.  Harkin is not endorsing anyone in the primary, but he said his money is on Conlin.

So let's get down to it!  Please help spread the word amongst all your peeps in those states.  If you yourself are in those states, please, pretty please write letters to the editor.  It's huge.  And those of us not affiliated with any of the states in question will hopefully all phonebank or otherwise donate as much as we can.  We've got so many great candidates to support in 2010.  Yay!

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Originally posted to Cedwyn on Wed Mar 17, 2010 at 03:03 PM PDT.

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