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“If he can’t put North Carolina families before the big insurance companies, he should be relieved of his duties as a United States Senator. Period.”

That is what Cal Cunningham had to say about Senator Richard Burr, and his continued efforts to deny health care to millions of Americans.

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I generally avoid reposting emails that a campaign sends out in full, but I know how important the health care debate has been, and I wanted to make sure that everyone saw Cal’s statements on the historic passage of health care reform.  As I am sure you are aware, Richard Burr has said that he will run for reelection on a promise of repealing health care reform.

Burr said if the health care bill passes, he will run again on repealing it.
Cal’s reaction was very simple, “That is wrong for North Carolina and America.”

Cal has said that this is a historic first step, but that we must continue to do more.  Now is not the time to step backwards and return to the status quo.

Returning to the status quo means Senator Burr wants to continue to let insurance companies use caps and pre-existing conditions to deny coverage, even for individuals who have paid their premiums, and he wants seniors to pay more for prescription drugs.  This would also mean no tax credits for small businesses that provide their employees health insurance.
So what should we do?  Should we reelect a Senator who wants to repeal reform? Or should we elect a Senator who believes that we must do more?
If the bill doesn’t do enough to contain costs, we must again consider the creation of a public health insurance option, early buy-in to Medicare, or the repeal of the insurance industry’s antitrust exemption.
The past year of debate has been contentious, and today’s victory for American families has been hard-fought. But now is the time for Democrats and Republicans in Washington to come together behind additional, popular reforms — including the so-called “fixes” to the original Senate bill.

This is certainly no time to return to the status quo, as Richard Burr proposes

Over the next few days the Senate will take up the reconciliation bill, and make health care reform even better.  If Richard Burr “can’t put North Carolina families before the big insurance companies, he should be relieved of his duties as a United States Senator. Period.”

Republicans continue to be the party of No.  No Reform, No Debate, No Health Insurance, No Jobs and No Help.  Well, now it is time to say yes.  Yes to Reform, Yes to Progress, Yes to a Senator who works for North Carolina.  Join me in helping Cal Cunningham become our Democratic Nominee, and lets go beat Richard Burr!

Join me in supporting Cal!

Cal at the NAACP's HKonJ March

I am proud to work for Cal's campaign.

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Originally posted to Blue South on Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 07:28 AM PDT.

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