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Remember the unemployed tomorrow [200,000+] whose checks, thanks to Republican political wrangling, will not be paid tomorrow.

It doesn't matter if they will be paid retroactively once the senate reconvenes. This could last between 2 and 4 weeks before it is sorted out. many could face real hardship since if you are unemployed for that length of time your reserves are probably spent by now.

This hardship is the direct result of Republican grandstanding in the -House of Lords- US senate, and shows complete disregard to Americans suffering the most from the great recession.

To those Republicans I say "may karma one day bite you in the ass".

To those Democratic Party senators unwilling to keep the senate in session until this was resolved, I say "shame on you".


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I love how Republicans who approved every blank check for war in Iraq and tax cut for the top 1 percent always demand that unemployment benefits be "paid for." I don't expect them to hold up action on unemployment benefits forever, but even if Democrats are able to apply extensions retroactively later this month, a lot of families will experience real hardship in the meantime. I hope Democrats succeed in passing a bill that would extend the benefits until the end of the year, so these battles won't recur every month.

Republicans to millions of Americans

"Screw you, you are of no consequence".

Just got to love the party of family values and faux Christianity.

Republicans fighting everyday against the principles their religion is meant to extol.


May their Lord have a word or two with them when they are judged.

gop el


Before I get shouted at the 2,000,000 is an estimated number of Americans based on

200,000 losing benefits every week the extension is delayed, anything from 2 to 6 weeks. Based on average family size etc.

“With so many families in Nevada and across the country still struggling to find work and make ends meet, it is imperative that Senate Republicans stop blocking the extension of critical unemployment insurance and health benefits," Reid said in a statement. "Their obstruction endangers the economic certainty of millions of families."

I rethought the diary title for the sake of accuracy, and to avoid misquoting.

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Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Apr 04, 2010 at 03:02 AM PDT.

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