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Long-time kossak Jeremiah Frei-Pearson will announce his candidacy tonight for an Assembly seat in New York.  This is grassroots and netroots in action.  

Due to rain, we are moving the concert and my announcement in-doors to Sissy McGinty's at 25-67 Steinway Street (between 25th and 28th Avenue). As before, people of all ages are welcome.

The dysfunction in Albany has gone on for too long.  It's led to a massive budget crisis, serious cuts to education and financial strain for our small businesses.  Instead of working for our families and our children, the legislature cuts funding for schools, healthcare and jobs. There are serious challenges that we face and we need new leadership and a new direction in Albany.  

For my entire life, I have been standing up for children and families and I am running for Assembly because you deserve a leader that will fight for your family and our community.  I hope that you'll join me on April 26th to have your voice heard and take back Albany!

Jeremiah Frei-Pearson for State Assembly

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I hope you'll join us for a free concert today. The concert will feature Broadway Stars and local performers. Due to weather, we are moving the concert in-doors to Sissy McGinty's (25-67 Steinway Street (between 25th and 28th Avenue)).

Performers include: Karla Mosley Frei-Pearson of "Guiding Light" and "Hi-5", Brent Carter of "Hot Feet" and lead singer of Tower of Power, Erica Dorfler of "Avenue Q", Marva Hicks of "Caroline or Change" and backup singer for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lena Horne, N'Kenge Pacurar of "Sondheim On Sondheim," Thom Warren of the "Lion King", and many more!

Even in the new location, we'll still have plenty of fun for the kids as well. And because change starts now, we’ll be holding a canned food drive to help the more than 80,000 children in Queens who live in poverty.

At the end of this concert, Jeremiah Frei-Pearson will formally announce his candidacy for the State Assembly. We face serious challenges in our State and we need new leadership and a new direction in Albany. Jeremiah is running for Assembly because you deserve a leader that will fight for your family and our community. I hope that you’ll join us on April 26th to have your voice heard and take back our government!

More on Jeremiah:
This is how I know Jeremiah, as founder of Orphans International Worldwide (OIWW). Jeremiah is particularly bright, savvy, and committed to humanity. Albany desperately needs him.

Although Jeremiah went to Stanford Law School, in California, he came back to New York every summer. He returned after September 11 to assist in the clean-up efforts at Ground Zero. The Red Cross officially recognized him for his work.

At Stanford, Jeremiah ran a center providing legal aid to poor people, co-founded the American Constitution Society and the Stanford Law School Democrats, and served on the Stanford Law & Policy Review.

After graduating in 2003, Jeremiah moved to Astoria, where he has lived ever since. He is married to the talented and beautiful Karla Mosley.


Currently Jeremiah works as a public interest lawyer for Children's Rights, representing foster children in class action cases to reform broken foster care systems.


Jeremiah is active in numerous civic groups in our community. He has been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2008 New York State Thurgood Marshall Representation Award and a 2009 award from the New York City Council honoring his work with children.

He actively supports Western Queens Power for the People, Western Queens for Marriage Equality, Astorians United Against Hate Crimes, the Long Island City Alliance, the Coalition for a Better Astoria, Democracy for New York City, and the New York Lawyers' Democratic Counsel.


HuffPo by Jim Luce

For a time, Jeremiah considered a run for state senate, and the HuffPo article above refers to that possibility.  Another fine candidate is running for that senate seat in a primary agaisnt Amoto, and Jeremiah decided to run for the state Assembly (in essence, the New York House of Representatives).

Here is a link to his facebook page:  

    Jeremiah Frei-Pearson

I'm not sure about the rules here, so I won't identify his kossak name, although I am certain he will when he blogs here.  I can say I met him in 2007 here on Daily Kos.

Jeremiah is one of the good people we need in politics.  I heartily endorse him.  

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