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After last night, I have been inspired. Dom Deluise (at the 1:55 mark) also speaks for me! ;D So, with all respects to ontheleftcoast's BRILLIANT work & to Scott McKenzie & to the late John Phillips, I offer this opus to be sung to the tune of "If You're Going to San Francisco."


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"If You're Going to Arizona"

If you're going to Arizona,
be sure to have your papers in your hand!
If you're going to Arizona,
you're gonna meet some angry people there.

For those who come to Arizona,
any time could be a check point there.
In the streets of Arizona,
angry people seeking papers in your hand.

All across the nation such a bad vibration!
People in hiding...
There's a whole generation
with a race fixation!
People in hiding...
Others fixating!

For those who come to Arizona,
be sure to have your papers in your hand!
If you come to Arizona,
any time could be a check point there.

If you come to Arizona,
any time could be a check point there!

{in my best Elvis voice} Thank you...thank you very much...

I'll note just a couple "this day in history" items. On this date in 1789, the crew of the British ship Bounty mutineed, setting Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors adrift in a launch in the South Pacific. Now, we've got 3 different versions of this event - the Clark Gable version, the Marlon Brando version, and the Mel Gibson version. Which one's my favorite? Wow! Tough choice...Gable & Brando were such lookers and so was Mel, and Mel wasn't even overtly anti - Semitic yet. So, I can't decide! ;D And, on this date in 1967, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali refused to be inducted into the Army. How many professional athletes in any sport today would take the personal & professional risk Ali took? Here's your answer - ZERO! ZIP! NADA! BIG 'OL ROTTEN STINKY GOOSE EGG NONE!

Let's Countdown.

#5 “‘Racist,’ ‘Disgusting,’ & ‘Unnecessary’” AKA “Twilight ‘Zona” AKA “Law & Border” - A sheriff of the county that includes Tucson is vowing to not enforce the new shameful law signed by Governor Brewer last week. A courageous stand, but he better watch himself. If he’s lucky, he’ll only get sued. 3 other cities & the federal government are considering lawsuits. O...M...G...we do have truly another bat$hit Governor; check out what she wrote on Facebook:

On Friday, I signed into law Senate Bill 1070. Since then I have come under fire from President Obama, Mayor Phil Gordon [of Phoenix], the liberal east coast media, Al Sharpton and other who want us to back down from securing our borders. Rest assured, we will not back down until our borders are secure.
She misspelled “liberal.” Don’t she & her ilk spell it “librul”? ;D


Governor Tom Ridge isn’t crazy about the law. The son of former Congress critter Duncan Hunter, however, wants to deport the children of illegal immigrants WHO WERE BORN IN THIS COUNTRY! Um... isn’t there something in that darn Constitution about naturalized citizens? HA! Keith confirmed what I thought! Some Dems Senators are vowing to continue immigration reform work even though Senator Lindsay “Senator McCentury Mini Me” Graham has taken his ball & gone home. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee & other Dem Reps took to the streets today to denounce what’s going on in the “Show Me Your Papers” state. President Obama wants an immigration reform bill post haste because the federal government has dropped the ball on this issue for entirely too long. Here’s Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County. He’s been a cop for 52 years & sheriff for nearly 30. Wow... Sheriff Dupnik thinks the law is unconstitutional because state officials usurped federal authority in this realm & that pesky “reasonable suspicion” part of the law. And, Sheriff Dupnik claims that he & his officers have been fighting illegal immigration for years just fine on their own, thank you very much, by turning them over to the patrols on the border. Putting all those suspected illegal immigrants in jail is a huge time & money suck for the locals.


Sheriff Dupnik again brought up the point that any citizen can sue law enforcement officials who they deem are not enforcing the law to their satisfaction – at the same time of possibly being sued FOR racial profiling even before this sucker got signed into law. He brought up a good point to remember; this law hasn’t gone into effect YET. We’ve got another 90 days or so for injunctions, boycotts, and all other kinds of activities to ensure this law goes the way of Crystal Pepsi & New Coke. We get a twofer for Professor Jonathan Turley! He talks about alleged stolen iPhones last night then bat$hit xenophobic laws tonight. The Obama DOJ just might be prepping themselves to challenge this law. Professor Turley called the reasonable suspicion part of the law “perfectly horrible” and “perfectly UnAmerican.” TESTIFY! He’s not crazy about the suing the cops portion of the bill, either.

#4 “Tempest in a Tea Party” - Others GOPers who aren’t crazy about the shenanigans near the border are GWB’s little brother, Jeb, and TurdBlossom. TURDBLOSSOM?! ARE YOU $HITTING ME??!!


Lonesome Rhodes & St. Sarah from Wasilla have no problem with the law; of course they don’t! They aren’t the biggest fans of “brown people!” Governor Brewer thinks she’s on a mission from God. Oh, no...no...no...no...NO! These guys were on a mission from God.

You, madam, are on a mission from just a little south of there. Oh my...look at those 2 “ladies” at the baseball game. So, how bad was the vacuum there in the ‘ol ballpark that day?! YO LADY! THAT’S PRESIDENT OBAMA TO YOU! She’s worse than Senator “That One” McCentury. GGggggggRRRRrrrr..... &^%$#@! Must...fight...urge...to...make...size 6 hole...in...television machine! Here’s Howard Fineman. Keith’s going to call this law a death panel?! HA! ;D GOP “leadership” is $hitting their drawers at this ever – growing split within their cabal. Even GWB had a measure of success in the Latino community! Howard mentioned there’s nothing on the “Show Me Your Papers” state tea bagger website about immigration. Interesting! They’re more worried about taxes! No, not Texas – TAXES! Actual “small government” libertarians are concerned as all get out. Senator Barry Goldwater wouldn’t have been crazy about this law, either. HELLO?! Wow...OK, St. Sarah from Wasilla, Boss Limbaugh, Lonesome Rhodes, et al will be calling Barry Goldwater a phony Senator in 5...4...3...2... The Senate still doesn’t want to go into the immigration bill nightmare this year. What Howard said makes sense. Let the GOPers keep destroying themselves & looking like racist tea bagging xenophobic fools over what’s happening in the “Show Me Your Papers” state. The rest of us will sit back & munch on our Orville Redenbacher!

* A guy in a chicken suit in MA is helping people toss rubber chickens. What about rubber duckies? That doesn’t sound like a fowl – inclusive event – HATERS! ;D There’s an Obama nightclub in the Far East. **

#3 “Regulating the Banksters” - The Senate GOPers are finally FINALLY allowing the financial reform bill to begin debate because a whole mess of Dems were ready to stay all night & actually make the GOP tarantino! I think what someone here at Daily Kos really hit the nail on the head about said caving. Not only would the GOP be staying up past their bedtime, but Mitchie McConnell might have been late or missed all together his precious Kentucky Derby this weekend! It’s all about the ponies & mint juleps, y’all! ;D HA! It was Ezra Klein with the Derby reference! Here’s Richard Trumka; the AFL – CIO is sponsoring a march on Wall Street tomorrow. Don’t forget them pitch forks! Mr. Trumka wants these financial institutions to “pay for” the lost jobs? Good luck on that score, honey. I agree the Goldman Sachs show in Senator Levin’s committee probably – MAYBE – forced the GOP to at least make the appearance they feel like doing their jobs.

“Tea Time” We got introduced tonight to a lady seeking Congressional office in New York State. She claimed to have raised $300K in 6 weeks! But, she didn’t submit that pesky financial disclosure form in time – OOPS! Maybe, her chicken ate it.


And, there was no filing extension. Oh, and she has “security clearance,” too! That sounds like double – secret probation. She was an unpaid intern. And, she tried to give the GOP props for all the good in the history of our country. But, she’s not a tea bagger candidate!

WPITW – Roger “Jabba the Hut” Ailes said the media went into the tank for Barack Obama & a whole host of other poo coming out of his mouth. OK, I need to apologize to Jabba the Hut for the cheap shot! The Commonwealth Foundation is having a shoot – out in Amish country in PA. A doc who’s running for Congress in Iowa wants to implant chips into undocumented aliens. Wow, ya’ know, Hitler just made people wear patches. The tattoos at the concentration camps were as close as the Nazis got to chip implantation. OK, seriously, both he & Senator “Doc” Coburn need to have their medical licenses revoked!

{OK, “my guy” is going to be in the next segment – better get ready!!!!!}


#1 “Bookish” - Laura Bush thinks she & her ‘ol ball & chain may have been poisoned in Germany. Did she have pretzel problems, too? OK, my “usual suspects” better get a capture of the literature on the shelf – HA! ;D She talked about an accident she was in as a high schooler that resulted in the death of a friend. And, y’all might not believe this, but I’m going to partially defend Mrs. Bush for not liking for people to be mean to her hubby. They are married, ya’ know; she has to live with the guy. And, I don’t imagine he’s been all peaches & cream to be married to over these years. I’d open up a bit of a can of whoop a$$ with people trashing my Hubby, too! Well, my Hubby isn’t responsible for thousands of deaths & injuries & tanking the image of America all over the world. But, I still don’t want people ragging on my Hubby! The poisoning was news to the Secret Service guys! HERE HE IS {hee...hee...hee}!!!
Richard was just hung over – not poisoned. ;D HEY! I SAID HUNG OVER – NOT JUST...er...uh...never mind. My evil twin got into diary prep again!

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