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This man made disaster is as big IMO as both wars
combined and should absolutely be nationalized.
We cannot let a corporation run a war on nature.
Iraq and Afghanistan is devistating lives to be sure.
People are dying.  People will be dying from this
as well.  Oxygen comes from the seas.
This thing is bigger that people believe.  


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I talk to people who shrug their shoulders and have no clue just how ravaging this gusher is.

There are a portion of Americans asleep as usual and are
not wringing their hands.  They should be.  They were wringing their hands when wall street crashed but do not
have the foggiest how this is even bigger.  The Gulf Coast
provides not only habitat for wildlife and home to the
wetlands, but is a food chain.  People did not think Agent
Orange or depleted uranium was such a big deal.

We have no clue about those disbersements.  None.
We have people losing and will continue to lose jobs.
We have a disaster of biblical proportion to affect the entire Gulf Region and country along with some of the Eastern seaboard waters.

Talk about international?  Let that oil get into Cuban
or other foreign waters and see how it is received?
I am not a tree hugger.  I am not a die hard, chain myself to a tree environmentalist, but I am a realist.

What in the world is this administration and many of the
American people thinking about?  Do they not see what is
coming down the pike?  Do they just think this is about a few fishermen and a couple of hundred dead birds?
NO !!!!!!  It is not.  
It is about an entire economy, health hazards, fuel, stock
market, prices, job losses, unihabital areas.  Tell me this, how many remember the experiments conducted in the
Nevada area in the 50's?  That land is still radioactive.
People died.  What is wrong with people not realizing the
full magnitude of this disaster.

I am not a Profit of Doom.  I am very familiar with that area.  I KNOW those poor fishermen will jump at any dollar
waved by BP to those families when they start getting sick and impoverished and lose what little they have.  They are
counting on it.  I am angry.  I am beyond disgusted and people should start making as much noise about this as they did about the invasion of Iraq !  It is just as deadly and expensive.  Get out of those wars and put all resources into salvaging what we can.  

The people on the gulf are quite angry.  Justifiably, so.
Now the rest of the country and the world for that matter
needs to start screaming, BP...get out....
I heard  Axlerod say, "Well BP has a lot to lose"
 Not as much as the lives of every single person on that Coast and in this country.  BP is going to look out for it's shareholders and it's self first.  Just how can they defy court orders as they are doing?  I think every single American needs to hear the real story.  We sure are only getting bits and pieces through media and truth be told they will lie saying something has worked when it probably hasn't.  They can step to a microphone and yell empathy and
I feel for you and talk about boots on throats till the cows come home but until BP is taken out of the situation except for writing checks, this is insanity and will not go away.  

President Obama, we call on you to right now, stop with the silly commission and stop all drilling, and get some BP
folks in a criminal status.  Let the government take over with experts who are not worried about their shareholders and let us start trying to do something positive for a change.

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Originally posted to Vetwife on Tue May 25, 2010 at 11:49 AM PDT.


Do you think this administration is doing all it can in the gulf?

73%22 votes
10%3 votes
0%0 votes
10%3 votes
6%2 votes

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