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PLEASE GO TO Daily Kos LMRP Liveblog Diary #19 - Witnessing Geocide NOW!
Thanks nika7k!

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Welcome to the BP Junk Shot Diary (aka DKTKLB, aka LMRP BS) #18. This diary is a submersible (ROV) for the Top Kill/Junk Shot Liveblog Mothership: 29 May, 2010 - Day Four.

We are following BP's latest efforts to pretend to continue work on the Top Kill and/or Junk Shot LMRP which involves cutting the top of the riser off replacing the damaged BOP with the 2nd relief well rig BOP therefore making the 2nd relief well rig useless.

Come here to comment, ask questions, share information, cry on each other's shoulders, rant, whatever you need - come on in. Expect lots of BP hate motive questioning and maybe talk of mermaids...


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-BP COO Doug Suttles says that top kill has failed and they will abandon this approach.

-Their next attempt will be to cut and remove the riser from the LMRP, installing a cap connected to the relief rig, and capture most of the escaping oil. Should take approx. 4 days but could take longer. BP is confident it will work but can't guarantee it.

The video feeds we are watching:

BP video feed
CNN multi camera view (sometimes showing only one view)
BP videos- This link takes you to BP's home page, which contains a section called "Latest Video Updates from BP".
WKRG - Mobile/Pensacola - Appears WKRG only has a still shot right now.
 ABC 7 Chicago Live Video ~ Multiple ROV Camera Views (h/t to temptxan for the great find)

Courtesy of whitishere are two additional video links:

Primary feed.
Secondary feed.

Thanks to profgoosefor providing a list of links from The Oil Drum links on Newer Developments, etc.
Again, to keep bandwidth down, please do not post images or videos.

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Originally posted to yawnimawke on Sat May 29, 2010 at 04:17 PM PDT.

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