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Hello -

My name is John Murphy, and I am trying to get a pedestrian plaza into a small neighborhood in San Francisco called Noe Valley. Noe Valley is a nice quiet San Francisco neighborhood, with more children than typical for SF, and a nice commercial main street. The Merchants association cooked up an idea to put a pedestrian plaza in the center of the business district. Who knew that this would result in teabagging tomfoolery in the land of Nancy Pelosi.


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I have written a diary on this subject before. It can be found here.

San Francisco/Bay Area - we need your help! Livable Streets Issue!

After a couple of months of work and some headaches and hangover from the first community meeting on this plaza, a second meeting was scheduled for last night, June 30th. I wish I could tell you a bit about the discussion on the merits of the plaza, but not much time was spent on that topic.

You see, there are some people who don't want this project to happen. Now in the old days, we might have a bit of a debate on the topic, to discuss the merits. But a new day has dawned. Led by the Sarah Palins, Joe Wilson, and John Boehners of the world, people have seized upon the idea that the merits are not important - what is important is to get in front of the message by SCREAMING AS LOUDLY AS YOU CAN. Preferably in public, preferably in public meetings.

So I present to you, the teabaggers of Noe Valley, disrupting the San Francisco City planners presentation, to the point where our district supervisor had to step in and make subtle references to calling the police.

Ah yes. If you come to San Francisco, remember to wear flowers in your hair. Better yet, don't come to San Francisco. You aren't a native and you have no idea what you are talking about, trying to ruin our neighborhood, and I will let you know VERY LOUDLY.

Please support the Noe Valley Plaza trial pedestrian space by clicking our petition.

Noe Valley Plaza Petition

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Originally posted to murphstahoe on Thu Jul 01, 2010 at 02:01 PM PDT.

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