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In a move that has stunned liberals and Democrats who are pro-marijuana in the state of CA, the GOP of California has announced its support of the legalization of marijuana in the state, considering it a state's rights issue.

"The Constitution of the United States reserves all rights not enumerated to the federal government to the states," said Norm Broun, a GOP spokesman.  "This is why the South fought the Civil War, this is why we were so against the health care legislation passed last spring, and this is why we have decided to support the legalization of weed in the state."


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The controversial announcement of support comes shortly after a leaked internal memo from the RNC, warning that "legalizing marijuana will turn otherwise good little conservative ditto-heads into laid back, liberal pot-heads who think that everyone should just chill out and get along with one another."  

Norm Broun was aware of the memo from the national party, but waved it away dismissively.  "Oh sure, back in my Berkeley days I was as hippie as they come.  Love and peace, all that jazz.  But those who are truly interested in pot are already using it, and everyone knows that hippie boomers grew up to be the most conservative generation in a hundred years. Just look at me!"

He continues, "But this issue comes down to the heart and soul of the Republican party today.  We truly believe that it's none of Uncle Sam's business what California does with one of its most valuable cash crops."

The CA GOP's official statement regarding its support for legalization comes out strongly in favor of the small businesses, entrepreneurs, family farmers, and intra-state commerce that already makes up the illegal marijuana business.  It argues against Congress's right to regulate the trade, so long as none of it is sold out of the state.

"Oh yes, a vote against legalized marijuana is a vote against the American businessman," said 70-year old grandmother Lisa Milkins, as she took a long drag on her medicinal doobie.  "Why, the young men that supply me with my stash are working their way through college with the money they make. I approve of the RNC's reasonable stance on this issue."

The California GOP's new announcement of marijuana as a state's rights isssue comes on the heels of its endorsement of the decision of the MA federal courts decision on DOMA, which stated that only states can define what is and isn't marriage, and the Feds need to keep their busybody noses out of people's bedrooms.

Norm Broun agrees.  "The GOP cannot and will not compromise its principles on these issues," he said gravely.  "State's rights must triumph against all."

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Originally posted to catwho on Fri Jul 09, 2010 at 08:12 AM PDT.

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