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In yet another comment by yet another Republican designed to appeal to voters' sense of fairness and equity,

Fiorina spokeswoman Julie Soderlund said it makes sense for the Fiorinas to be a two-yacht family...
Not to outdone by Sharon ('phase out Social Security') Angle, Rand ('I wouldn't have voted for parts of the Civil Rights Act') Paul, Joe ('I apologize') Barton or even Tony ('I'll go yachting while the Gulf is destroyed') Hayward*, the Fiorina campaign made it clear today that they, along with every other multi-millionaire American, have a right to
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a two-yacht lifestyle.
*Disclaimer: Tony Hayward, being British, is probably not a registered Republican as far as I know.

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It turns out that would-be Senator Fiorina needs two yachts -- one on the East Coast (sorry, no picture available!), a

56-foot Sea Ray yacht, the 3-year-old Alchemy VI, is docked on the Potomac in Washington, D.C.
and one on the West Coast
Fiorina's 70-foot Alchemy V, a 2001 Dyna Craft valued for tax purposes at just over $1 million, is moored in Sausalito.


the boat-loving couple have divided their time between California and D.C., near where their grandchildren live.
Now, I want to state categorically that I have nothing against yachts.  Or seven houses.  Or spending a bazillion dollars trying to get elected to what could well be the worst job in America (i.e., the Governor of California).  Hey, if you want to single-handedly try to stimulate the economy of a State that way, go for it!

But the wisdom of campaigning on the sense it makes to own two yachts rather than one remains to be seen.  

I'm eagerly awaiting Fiorina's ads featuring her standing on the deck of her yacht one of her two yachts, instead of on a news show

arguing the necessity of Voting Against Unemployment Benefits

Aren't you?

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Originally posted to jpmassar on Mon Jul 19, 2010 at 11:25 AM PDT.


I have

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