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We are at war with the Tea Party, Right Wingers, Birthers, Racists, Haters and FOX NEWS.

The Republicans with the aid of FOX NEWS is doing any and everything thing to bring this White House down.  Period.

Many in these groups with FOX NEWS are racists.  Their only priority is to divide and conquer.  Period.  Below Ed Schultz tells it LIKE IT IS about FOX NEWS:


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Look what happened to Shirley Sherrod, who was used and abused by the Right Wing FOX NEWS and Andrew Braitbart, with unbeknown assistance by Secretary Vilsack, The White House and USDA.  This woman was almost DESTROYED by lies and innuendos.  We had to watch the White House and Secretary Vilsack apologize based on the basic principle of believing a known lying blogger and a suspect news organization.

When is this behavior going to end?

It is time for Democrats to stand up and fight back.  Including this White House.  It is time for this White House to readdress the meme that "FOX NEWS IS NOT A NEWS ORGANIZATION."  

After all this manufactured DRAMA, who is going to push back on the White House.  What legitimate news organization is going to put their creds out there right now for FOX NEWS?  Many of these organizations were shamed today for allowing themselves to be sucked into a media fiasco that almost destroyed an innocent woman.  FOX NEWS and Braitbart were exposed in full tilt boogie mode, it is time to revisit that meme and STICK IT TO THEM.

When are we, Democrats and this White House going to get sick and MICKEY-FICKIN' tired of seeing our President portrayed as Hitler, Stalin, monkey pictures, pictures with the "N-WORD" attached, etc.  Are we tired yet?  When will the Democrats, our elected leaders get fired up and fire back?

The Republicans are about ideology and fighting to get back power by any means necessary and they are WINNING.  These thugs don't care how they retain the power again, they will do anything, say anything, fabricate anything to win.  This White House needs to wake the hell up and acknowledge this.  Oh, we don't need any more teachable moments, if we don't understand what is going on, we truly don't need to hold power.

Lastly, we, the citizens of the United States of America elected a BLACK MAN for our President.  And guess what?  So, what?  This White House needs to learn how to swing that bat without getting stung with this Black President.  It means that you don't get scared, bow down, get in a funk because FOX NEWS says they got a video for ya'.  That is how this controversy looked out here.  And I am talking about at my job's water cooler hearing people stating, "WTF is up with Barack?  Is he scurred of FOX NEWS?"  I don't know if he is scurred or not, but this White House must learn how to fight and must learn how to CONTROL THE MESSAGE AND NEWS CYCLE.  Abysmal is a nice word for this White House because they are constantly apologizing, catching up, sleep, whatever, but the other side continues to create bullshit to take all our eyes off the ball.  Case and point, the signing of the financial reform bill.  Who is talking about it, besides Daily Kos?  No one at my job was talking about it, but everyone knew the words, "FOX, Shirley Sherrod, that Agriculture Lady, fake video...."  Not good.

People who supported Obama and the Democrats are tired of seeing this White House get played like a piano by FOX NEWS.  Because right now, they are getting played hard....ask Van Jones, defunct ACORN, our girl Shirley, all thrown under the bus because of BULLSHIT, MANUFACTURED CRAP by FOX NEWS.  It is truly time to fight back because we have been at WAR since January 20, 2009...  

From Hardball, Cynthia Tucker, on scaring this White House:

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Originally posted to icebergslim on Wed Jul 21, 2010 at 06:45 PM PDT.

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