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''It is probably the biggest emergency on the planet today''.
          ~ Source: Daniel Toole of UNICEF

It looks like the number of people affected in the [Pakistani flooding] crisis is higher than the Haiti earthquake, the tsunami or the [2005] Pakaistan earthquake.  And if the toll is as high as the one given by the [Pakistani] government, it's higher than the three of them combined.
         ~Source: Lebanon Daily Star

As monsoon floods continue to displace millions in southern Pakistan, an estimated 800,000 people in need across the country are only accessible by air.                              
         ~ Source: News 24

Please listen to your heart tonight as you read about the suffering in Pakistan.  


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Help Pakistan! is a group dedicated to getting needed humanitarian support to flood-ravaged Pakistan, and to disseminating information pertaining to the floods to the Daily Kos community at large. Our goal is to get aid to the people who need it most.

If you have a negative comment pertaining to Pakistan, its people, its culture, or its relationship with the United States, please refrain from making it here. This is not the appropriate venue.  If you wish to discuss those issues, please write your own diary.  These diaries are explicitly dedicated to humanitarian relief.

If you would like to be a part of Help Pakistan! ,please click the picture at the very bottom of this diary. We would love more volunteers to help us with the burden of posting a diary every day.

The women of Pakistan.


Although considered to have more status than other women in the Muslim and Middle Eastern world, life for a women in Pakistan is one of systemic subordination to men.  And as in most countries, they are the ones caring for the children.  


Late last week I read an article byJudy Mandelbaum and learned more about the impact this flood - which has placed 20% of Pakistan under water (an area greater in size than Italy) has had on the Pakistani women.

According to the RHRC (Reproductive Health Response in Crises Consortium), 85 percent of persons displaced by the flood are women and children. As the floodwaters rise, they are at acute risk from starvation, exposure, sexual assault, and water-borne diseases. However, providing them with assistance is more difficult than these basic facts suggest. The organization points out that in traditional Pakistani society, it is taboo for women to receive aid or medical care from male relief workers, preventing many of them from seeking such aid in the first place.

This bears repeating:  85 percent of persons displaced by the flood are women and children.

Girls face cultural shock in Pakistan flood camps provides a first hand look at the situation in the relief camps.

But what emerged for me as the most worrying thing was how women and young girls are being affected by this. They are always the worst hit in these situations.
Basic hygiene is impacted as in most camps there are no bathing facilities and the evacuation was so rapid most didn't have the oppoturnity to gather changes of clothing (the impact is worse for menstruating and pregnant women).  
The camps are also culturally shocking for women and girls. Many have never been around a man who isn’t a member of their family. Now they are amongst hundreds of men who are complete strangers.

Apart from the religious notions of covering up and not mingling with males outside one’s family, in Pakistani society, women are considered to be the custodians of male and family honour. This notion of honour is linked with women’s sexual behaviour so their sexuality is considered to be a potential threat to the honour of family. Therefore, the systems of sex segregation; purdah; are used by the society to protect the honour of the family.

But in the camps there are no provisions for purdah. Young boys and girls have to sleep in the same room, at times next to each other. Most mothers and families do not feel it’s safe for their daughters, especially in the current circumstances.


Quoting from Judy Mandelbaum's piece above:

An OCHA report from August 16 states that “the large numbers of children and pregnant and lactating women without access to food and the rising trend of diarrhea point towards a clear risk of malnutrition among the affected population.” But even where food aid is available, fair distribution to those who need it most is almost impossible to ensure. As twelve year-old Shahid Muhammed told IRIN News, “When food is distributed the strongest young men grab it for their own families and push us children aside.”
Again here is something that bears repeating:   “When food is distributed the strongest young men grab it for their own families and push us children aside.”


I have saved the worst for last.  Mob kills youths as police look on  

Two teenagers carrying a cricket bag have been beaten to death by a mob in Pakistan who mistook them for thieves. Their deaths, watched by police who did nothing to intervene, were captured on video footage that has outraged the country.

It shows men taking turns savagely beating the two brothers with sticks, drawing blood before dragging and hanging their bodies from a nearby pole. None of the dozens of people watching tried to stop the attack.



Children who are so resilient...


Can you find it in your heart to help?

"The Circle has healing power. In the Circle, we are all equal. When in the Circle, no one is in front of you. No one is behind you. No one is above you. No one is below you. The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity. The Hoop of Life is also a circle. On this hoop there is a place for every species, every race, every tree and every plant. It is this completeness of Life that must be respected in order to bring about health on this planet."
                ~Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota
Not all here are able to help with a donation, but what will help is to spread the word.  Put up a donation jar where you work.  Print out the list of charities and post them at work.  Encourage your school child to write a short essay for their class and ask them to bring in donations.  Oh, and of course rec this diary so more eyes can see it.  Thank you my friends.  

I have an extensive listing below of agencies accepting donations.  Some are accepting donations in kind and I have bolded those.



To Text a Donation:

Text "FLOOD" to 27722. Your $10 will go to the State Department Fund for Pakistan Relief that Secretary Clinton announced August 19, and is part of a new effort to bring attention to the need for aid.

Text "SWAT" to 50555 ; $10 goes to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees fund for flood victims

"Text FLOODS to 864233 (UNICEF) to donate $10"

Action Against Hunger - contain the spread of water-borne illnesses. It will provide access to clean water through water trucking, repair water points, disinfect contaminated sources, and distribute purification tablets. The response will also include constructing emergency latrines and public sanitation facilities, distributing thousands of hygiene kits, organizing hygiene promotion campaigns, and helping communities clear the streets of rubble and debris. ACF is also planning “cash-for-work” programs to help families regain their livelihoods and will distribute household items. ACF will also provide vouchers to purchase basic necessities and micro-grants for restarting small businesses

ActionAid International USA -  will provide immediate support in terms of food, non-food items, water, sanitation, hygiene and construction of shelters

Adventist Development and Relief Agency International - expects to distribute aid such as shelters, blankets, hygiene kits, food, and water

Aga Khan Foundation USA -  providing food, temporary shelter, education materials for children, medicines and clean water to affected people. In addition, mobile medical teams have are providing emergency health care

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - has opened an emergency relief fund and is collecting donations to directly assist the floods victims on a non-sectarian basis

American Jewish World Service -  emergency support for victims of the flooding and helping to prevent the spread of disease

American Refugee Committee International - deployed mobile health teams to Baluchistan in Sibi district to provide health assistance. In Swat, mobile health teams have been deployed by boat to reach areas made inaccessible by washed out roads and collapsed bridges. ARC Pakistan’s maternal child health center in Swat remains operational and ARC’s team is distributing non-food items to patients and offering health and hygiene sessions, emphasizing education around contaminated water. The team is also distributing essential medicines

AmeriCare - delivering and distributing lifesaving medical assistance and emergency aid to flood-impacted communities

Baptist World Alliance/Baptist World Aid -  sending funds for medical, food and shelter needs

BRAK USA - Pakisan has begun to deliver food packets containing such items at rice, lentils, flour and water purification tablets

Brother's Brother Foundation - plans to send requested donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies (Gifts In-kind Accepted: pharmaceuticals, medical supplies)

Catholic Relief Services - aid packages include water purification tablets, soap, cookware, jerry cans, mosquito nets and more

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee -  intervention that includes tents, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, and trauma counseling. CRWRC will also provide emergency food assistance to 64,000 individuals displaced by the disaster in hard-hit Nowshera and Charsadda Districts of Khyber Paktunkhwa Province. CRWRC will work with Pakistani partner Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-Lap) to provide 8,000 families with a one-month food supply including flour, salt, sugar, oil, beans, and spices

Church World Service - Assistance includes food and non-food relief items, emergency shelter and basic health services

CONCERN Worldwide US - prioritizing the distribution of: clean water, food, shelter, emergency medical assistance, mosquito nets, and basic hygiene and kitchen items

Food for the Hungry -  distribution of food, NFIs, tents and hygiene kits (Gifts In-kind Accepted: NFIs: mosquito nets, hygiene kits, kitchen sets, cooking stoves as well as water purifying tablets and filters)

Friends of ACTED -  essential non-food items, water & sanitation, cash for work, emergency shelter and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure

Giving Children Hope -  tents, food and blankets as well as  will be sending medical supplies to help those displaced by the flood (Gifts In-kind Accepted: Disaster relief materials: tents, blankets, flashlights, food, etc. [all new and in good dates])

Global Fund for Children -  providing emergency support to our grassroots grantee partners in regions affected by the floods in Pakistan to help meet their communities’ immediate needs

HelpAge USA - has partnered with medical aid agency, Merlin International, to provide targeted emergency care to the most vulnerable older people and their families in the Nowshera district in Northwest Pakistan. Preliminary efforts include distributing mobility and hearing aids, emergency health assessment kits, as well as household items such as food, flashlights, bedding, and water containers

International Catholic Migration Commission -  medical staff are providing individualized consultations in UC Prango, distributing medications, while also developing referral protocols and coordinating primary health care response with government hospitals, health centres, private clinics and dispensaries

International Medical Corp -  support displaced people through mobile medical units serving the hardest hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the northwest, treating cases of acute respiratory infection, acute diarrhea and skin disease. In addition we have deployed psychologists to address mental health needs, as well as hygiene promoters in the worst affected districts

International Relief & Development -  provides safe drinking water, sanitation, household items, and emergency temporary shelter (Gifts In-kind Accepted:Tents, bedding, shelter for children, toys, solar flashlights, livestock feed, medicine to prevent and treat infectious diseases)

International Rescue Committee - water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions

Islamic Relief USA - providing food and water as well as  distributing tents and blankets

Life for Relief & Development - tents, blankets, pillows, medicine and medical supplies, hygiene kits which include buckets, towels, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, laundry detergent and food baskets to feed a family of 7 for a month

Lutheran World Relief - In addition to food  will distribute shelter kits, jerry cans, plastic mats, hygiene kits and mosquito nets (Gifts In-kind Accepted: LWR accepts quilts, health kits, school kits, baby layettes, sewing kits and soap for distribution during emergencies. Specific information about donating in-kind items is on our website.)

MAP International - coordinating with in-country health institutions and programs for the delivery and dispensing of medicines and medical services (Gifts In-kind Accepted: Accepting appropriate long dated pharmaceuticals, OTC medicines and medical supplies)

Medical Emergency Relief International, USA - has set up 28 health clinics and deployed 18 mobile teams. Merlin medics are running 24-hour clinics in Jalozai camp, home to over 100,000 vulnerable people, in response to a significant spike in diarrhea and other waterborne disease

 Medical Teams International - have shipped three containers of medical supplies to partners on the ground in the flood-affected area of the country. The medicines and supplies are enough to help hundreds of thousands of people and are valued at nearly $2 million

Mercy Corp - Mercy Corps helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Driven by local needs and market conditions, our programs provide communities with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives. Our worldwide team of 3,700 professionals is improving the lives of 16.7 million people in more than 40 countries

Mercy - USA For Aid & Development -  providing food, water and hygiene packages to families left homeless by severe flooding in the northwestern Khyber Pakthunkhwa Province. Each family package contains: 88 pounds of wheat flour, 11 lb. of rice, 6.6 lb. of pulses, 11 lb. of dates, 2.2 lb. of sugar, 1.1 lb. of dry milk, 2 liters of cooking oil, one portable gas stove, matches, one large water proof plastic sheet, one 10-liter jerry can, 5 liters of bottled water, water purification tablets, one towel, toothpaste, 3 toothbrushes, one fingernail clipper, 2 combs and 6 large bars of soap

Operation USA -  helps communities at home and abroad overcome the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty by providing privately-funded relief, reconstruction and development aid (Gifts In-kind Accepted:Bulk disaster materials including water purification chemicals, shelter supplies, electric generators, medicines and medical equipment are accepted from corporations)

Oxfam America -  installing toilets and water-storage tanks and delivering clean water by truck to prevent deadly waterborne diseases from sweeping through communities of displaced people

Plan USA -  provision of tents, food and water, as well as health and hygiene kits in shelter camps. Plan is also working with local authorities to monitor and address possible disease outbreak

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance/Hunger Program - provide food, shelter and medical assistance

Relief International - deployed emergency health units to ensure immediate access to primary care and medical supplies; are distributing Emergency Family Kits that include water purification tablets, clean water receptacles and temporary shelter materials; providing clean drinking water to communities suffering from water contamination and to those with no access to water at all. Our team is organizing the distribution of non-food-items (such as clean clothing, bedding and household items) to children to ensure their survival

Save the Children - Of particular concern is the health of the floods’ youngest survivors. The agency is providing emergency medical care and distributing tents, shelter kits, hygiene kits, food and supplies. Save the Children has mobile health teams working in flood zones and is supporting health clinics. The organization is distributing hygiene and “clean delivery” birth kits and conducting hygiene promotion to prevent the rise in waterborne diseases like acute watery diarrhea. Save the Children also has established a diarrhea center for flood-affected communities in Swat

Solidarity Center -  will use relief fund contributions to distribute clothing, medicine, and non-perishable food to displaced workers and their families, build temporary shelters, and assist in providing needed counseling and health care

United Methodist Committee on Relief - providing clean drinking water, food, temporary shelter, and medical aid to tens of thousands of people affected by the crisis

US Fund for UNICEF - have set up nine medical camps and are providing medicine, water treatment tablets, nutritional supplements, hygiene kits, and jerry cans. The agency is also supporting the local authorities by providing clean drinking water

World Food Program USA -  providing monthly food rations to flood‐affected communities in 24 districts (Gifts In-kind Accepted: Please contact for more information)

World Vision, United States - has begun distributing food and water to flood survivors, and and plans to provide medical assistance, shelter, hygiene kits and other basic relief items as soon as possible


Laughing Planet has started a Google group to address the crisis in Pakistan. Anyone who would like to get involved or get alerts when a new HELP PAKISTAN diary is posted, please join.



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