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I've written before about my friend David Segal -- congressional candidate in Rhode Island, in the 4-way September 14th primary to replace Rep. Patrick Kennedy -- who is a progressive champion that has spent four years as a state representative, and was a city councilman in Providence for four years before that.  Lots of press on David's progressive bona fides here (Howie Klein) and here (Larry Lessig) and here (David Swanson) for those looking for more information.  

I'm writing to give everybody an update, as the campaign is building tremendous momentum.


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Today it was endorsed by District 1199 SEIU, was endorsed by Blue America PAC last weekend (they called him "Grayson's kid brother"), and by the American Federation of Teachers and National Progressive Democrats of America the week before.

Today's endorsement was in many ways the culmination of the campaign's week-long "Jobs for Main Street Tour," which was kicked-off in front of a run-down train station in northern Rhode Island.  The Providence Journal covers it here.  (David's campaign is the only one in the race to put forth a serious jobs plan.  It's up on their website.)

PAWTUCKET — First District Congressional candidate David A. Segal announced a multipronged jobs plan Tuesday that calls on Congress to do more to help small businesses while it also invests more in green energy, public transportation, education and other areas that could stimulate the economy.

Standing about 50 yards from the decrepit Pawtucket-Central Falls train station, the Democratic state representative said Congress “took decisive action to rescue” the banking industry that helped to cause the recession and now must turn its attention to helping real people.

“Rhode Islanders and people all across the country are still waiting,” he said.

His plan calls for Congress to pass legislation that requires banks that received federal bailout money to start lending to small businesses.

It also calls for Congress to invest in green-energy development, public transportation, higher education, job training programs, public education and elderly care. And it calls for Congress to pass legislation that would promote the concept of equal pay for equal work, and establish new standards for international trade agreements that have siphoned away American jobs.

Segal’s plan would pay for these initiatives by taxing stock transactions of $100,000 or more, ending Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy and bringing home American troops. He estimates that those moves would save $300 billion over two years.

Please spread the word, support David's effort, and help him build on this tremendous momentum.  He just broke $100k on Act Blue.  Let's get him to $200k!

David Segal is, in my opinion, the best chance we have to add an amazing progressive leader to the ranks of our dysfunctional Congress.  Please give his exciting grassroots campaign your support!

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