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Rep. Richard “Doc” Hastings has demonstrated once again his complete lack of interest in supporting people in his own district by casting his NO vote against a bill that will provide assistance to states to save teachers, firefighters, police and first responders, from layoffs, which would force them onto unemployment insurance benefits, despite the fact that Congress included in the bill, a mechanism that would pay for the measure and not add to the deficit.


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Hastings, who voted lock-step with his party to balloon the nation’s debt during the Bush Administration, voting 5 times to increase the debt ceiling, has consistently voted against the best interests of his district.  He has, just in this term, voted against almost 3,000 jobs at Hanford (H.R. 1), voted against rural communities receiving broadband internet services (H.R. 1), voted NO to emergency unemployment insurance extensions to those looking for work (H.R. 4213), voted against small businesses (H.R. 4213), against our farmers (H.R. 3509) against the military (H.R. 5136), against veterans (S. 509), and now against money to save the jobs of teachers, police, and firefighters (H.R. 1586), while at the same time voting for tax breaks for corporations that continue to betray middle class families by sending jobs overseas, all to serve his political masters of his party.

One consistent thread to this year’s election cycle is how endangered long time incumbents are.  Citizens are tired of career politicians who vote for their party first, and seldom for their constituents and district.  “Doc” Hastings has shown us again and again the level of his hypocrisy, his slavish ties to corporate interests, the rubber-stamp he has at the ready for his party’s leadership, and just how out of touch he is with the people of Central Washington.

Hastings has shown he is no longer the representative of the 4th district, that he has become part of the problem, and it’s time for the electorate to say NO to another term in office for this 16 year incumbent.

Update: Sorry to have left this out the first time around.  Yes, I am the candidate.  My campaign site can be found here.  Take a look at the other video on my site, my speech to the 2010 Washington State Democratic Convention, if you have a couple of minutes.

Jay Clough (D)
Candidate For US Congress
WA-4th CD

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Originally posted to Clough4Congress on Fri Aug 13, 2010 at 11:16 AM PDT.

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