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by Clytemnestra

For the past few days/weeks a dedicated bunch of kossaks have been directing your attention to one of the worst Climate Change disasters the world has yet faced, the flooding in Pakistan.

To them and to those who have donated and continue to scrap together dollars I give a heartfelt thanks.

There are others who have troubled me greatly.  Laughing Planet highlighted some of their comments a diary on Thursday.  Comments like:

   if the Taliban can show for one second that they're interested in more than just blowing people up, then I will scrape up $20 for the relief fund.

    Allah helps those who help themselves

embolden mine


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I read, I was saddened by their response (especially since I respect them).  I also can't say that I didn't get angry, I did.  And then I emailed my brother in law, and I waited.

Why would I email my bil?  What difference would he make?

My husband is Pakistani. His family is located in the Rawalpindi/Islamabad area. This is my family.

This is personal for me. (I have yet to hear from friends in other parts of Pakistan)

I was waiting for my brother-in-law to respond. I knew he was busy, not in running from the flood because Rawalpindi/Islamabad are up on a plateau but because he and a large number of my family are doing all they can in relief work.  They are Rotarians.

I emailed him and told him what we on Dailykos are doing, the email I finally received back said this:


Dear [SIL].
 I am forwarding one of the reports [my husband's cousin]  prepared for our Rotary District Governor, Shehzad Ahmed. It has photographs
attached with it.

You can get some idea of work being done & problems faced.  If you need, you can edit this report for your blog friends, as required.

Thanks for supporting us, on the blogs etc. We desperately need help, especially as the heavy rains are continuing, we had a really heavy
downpour last night.

You want to know what Pakistanis are doing to help themselves?

Report prepared by my husband's cousin for the Rotary District Governor:

19th August 2010

Sub: Flood relief at Pabbi, Nowshera.

We went to Nowshera today, on the way we felt that things appears to be improving but that is only opening few more shops as compare to our last visit on 6th and 12th August. The mud being washed away perhaps by the rain or by the people who are trying to get back to their daily routine. Normality is still a long way away.

This time we picked up Ceena School & Degree College at Pabbi just outside Nowshera on the main GT road towards Peshawar. The building has Four floors, a roof and Seventy five rooms, toilets etc.

We had a detailed meeting with Mr.Ghulam Nabi Ceena Managing Director and understand from him that they are housing some 350 families in the school. All these families are coming from the neighboring area like Aman Kot, Mohib Banda (The most effected Area) and other surroundings. Food is given to the affectees on regular basis. There were mostly ladies and appear to be well looked after in quite safe surrounding since we noticed police presence at the school premises. Commissioner from Peshawar was also visiting the school probably finding where to house them since the school is going to open soon.

Our observation was that the school premises were kept quite clean but still every other person was catching the viral diseases like eye sore, skin rash and stomach upset.

. . . We also handed over clothing’s for the needy and to be distributed later according to the required sizes.

"Picked up" means that they went there to distribute food, water, clothing on this run.

This run.  One among many already done and yet to do.

The women are members of Rotary Inner Wheel.  They have been handling the clothing donations, getting them ready to distribute.

Distributing bread and other supplies

You want to know what Pakistanis are doing in this crisis?

Read that last paragraph in the note from my brother-in-law again

Thanks for supporting us, on the blogs etc. We desperately need help, especially as the heavy rains are continuing, we had a really heavy downpour last night.
They know about the effort on Dailykos and our help is desperately needed.

My brother-in-law is not prone to dramatic responses.  If anything he is more prone to the art of the  understatement of those educated in the British system.
He says what he sees and means: "We desperately need help,"  

(UPDATED to stick in this little message from noweasels)

Matching funds in honor of this diary

I will match $100 of donations to any of the excellent relief agencies mentioned in this heartbreaking diary.

Blessings, Clytemnesta.  Thank you.

Thank you noweasels

UPDATE #2 with a note from Dallasdoc

When your $100 match is met
... I will donate a second $100.  Anyone claiming the match, please respond to this comment.

noweasels, I always say you are the best of us.  Tonight, once again, you prove it and inspire me to be a better person.

Thank you dallasdoc


Doctors without Borders (MSF):

The Red Cross/Red Crescent:



   Toll free: 1-800-FOR-KIDS (1-800-367-5437)
   Text:   "Text FLOODS to 864233 (UNICEF) to donate $10"

Greg (Three Cups of Tea, Stones Into Schools) Mortnenson's non-profit (CAI) recommends supporting a local (Pakistani) group to which donations will likely have a large, immediate, and lasting impact.

Healing Development Foundation
(800)705 1310


From the US State dept.
How You Can Help:
Text "FLOOD" to 27722. Your $10 will go to the State   Department Fund for Pakistan Relief that Secretary Clinton announced   August 19, and is part of a new effort to bring attention to the need   for aid.

Text "SWAT" to 50555 ; $10 goes to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees fund for flood victims

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We are looking at what may be the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in a century.


Laughing Planet has  started a Google group to address the crisis in Pakistan.   Anyone who would like to get involved or get alerts when a new HELP   PAKISTAN diary is posted, please join.




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Originally posted to pakistanfloodrelief on Fri Aug 20, 2010 at 04:06 PM PDT.

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