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A report by the UN has indicated that Shell is only responsible for 10% of the 9 million barrels that have seeped and oozed over the Niger Delta for the last 50 years. This means they are all but exonerated from having to pay one penny towards a clean-up and the Nigerian government is responsible for the rest. Since the government is corrupt and has received billions in oil revenue and millions in kickbacks from Shell this environmental catastrophe will not end anytime soon. 40% of all the crude that comes from the delta and its 606 rigs is exported to the US; a rotting infrastructure is plain for all to see.

The UN report was paid for by Shell.

The Nigerian government is paid for by the Oil Industry.

The $10m (£6.5m) investigation by the UN environment programme (UNEP), paid for by Shell, will say that only 10% of oil pollution in Ogoniland has been caused by equipment failures and company negligence, and concludes that the rest has come from local people illegally stealing oil and sabotaging company pipelines.

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So the blame falls squarely on those inhabiting the Delta who have seen their life expectancy drop to a mere 40 years. Theft is blamed for the pollution, this is called 'bunkering' yet even the paid for inspectors were not sure what this activity contributed to the total.

"It's very controversial. We cannot say whether a particular spill is from one cause or another. Our observation is that there is a serious [bunkering ] problem. I am being seen to be siding with the oil companies, but I am not.
So they don't know where the oil is coming from, they assume that the relatively new practice of large scale 'bunkering' is to blame. I'm afraid this smells as high as the stink from crude oil in the heat.

The hilarious statement:

"We were provided with the official spill site list. This is given by the oil companies themselves but is endorsed by the [government] agencies. We are not on the side of the oil companies."
Is so twisted as it had me laughing out loud, endorsed by the government that has had problems oppressing the Ogoni for decades is a reliable source of information for a study that has been paid for by its main sponsors the oil industry. You really expect us to believe this Bullshit?
Tonight, environmental groups expressed shock at the report. Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends the Earth International and director of Environmental Rights Action, Nigeria's leading environment group, said: "It is incredible that the UN says that 90% is caused by communities. The UNEP assessment is being paid for by Shell. Their conclusions may be tailored to satisfy their client. We monitor spills regularly and our observation is the direct opposite of what UNEP is planning to report."
The report is meant to herald in a clean-up effort on a massive scale, but what it has done is to pardon the one source of sufficient money from being held responsible.

Just remember:

The study was paid for by Shell

The Nigerian Government is corrupt and is in Big Oil's pocket.

I'm just wondering how on earth anyone can take this 'scientific' report seriously when they have been so dependent on data supplied by Shell and the Nigerian government.

When you are poor and oppressed and live in a sewer help is hard to find. High fives all round in the boardroom of Shell. This could turn out to be one of the greatest scandals of our time; if it isn't already.

Just think:

1] The oil in the Gulf of Mexico has evaporated.

2] Shell bears virtually no responsibility in the Niger Delta.

Isn't life wonderful?

No wonder I'm a __ing believer.

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Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Aug 22, 2010 at 10:47 PM PDT.

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