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  There. Its said. And i have to tell you it feels good to finally say it. Because we reasonable moderates are tired of you damned professional leftists wanting your ponies. We're tired of you purity trolls nitpicking everything our wonderful corporations Our dear president Bush real patriots like Sarah Palin Barack Obama does!

Scroll down if you want to see all the problems you irresponsible lefties dirty hippies have caused.


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Why if it werent for you dirty hippies i must say we wouldnt have this whole global warming thing. We were fine and exxon/bp were making tons of money. But what do you dirty hippies do? You have to whine about a a little whoopsie that really.. cmon  a few drops of oil dont make that much of a difference. And so what if a few fish die here and there.

And i have to say if it wasnt for you damned lefty whiners the niggers the spics the white trash the chinks the japs the jews wouldnt raise so much of a fuss over nothing and we would have a nice peaceful country where everyone was happy and knew their place.

Why if it werent for you effete lefty intellectuals we wouldnt have a problem in the middle east because they would be good christians wholly owned subsidiaries of bp glassed defeated and america would be Triumphant! (Tm).

What gets we pragmatic moderates i tell you is how you irresponsible progressives keep harping about global warming dadt the corporatisation of america secret american death camps the US government torturing innocents spying on the entire american citizenry imprisoning american politicians for political reasons whining about looking forward not back! wall street accidentally trashing the world economy.. again.. lazy bums who dont want to work the economy we would all be fine. Because we have the very BEST people telling us everything is going to be ok. And who better to get us out of this mess caused by your complaining than the people who oversaw the crash???

And most of all we are annoyed that you would question President Bush Geithner good democrats like Joe Lieberman Harry Reid Barack Obama our leaders in a time of crisis! And just before an election. Because as we all know questioning your leader causes this stuff! So .. all you Unamerican traitors terrorist supporters Democrats traitors ungreatful racists whiners just shut up shut up shut up! Because the one thing america cant afford right now is anyone criticising our leaders!

//snark tag for the stupid

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Originally posted to cdreid on Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 04:38 PM PDT.


Lefties/progressives/liberals are

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7%9 votes
18%22 votes
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