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Lot's of new information.  And do see all the new buses you can book a seat on.

Get on the Bus!



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Please give a Shout Out to JimP for providing the Color Banners.  He has a gift!  

And thanks to the Staff of One Nation Working Together for hustling to greatly improve their website this week.  You should check it out.  They have added many new links providing much more information.  The new links are 'drop downs' from the main links.

And big thanks to barkingcat for gathering information and to Aaraujo for tenaciously posting a diary a day to keep this 10.2.10 March on Washington on the front page of Daily Kos, and to others who posted diaries to help as well.  A team effort for sure.


We have to BE the change.  We must win seats in November.

Enthusiasm gap is about to be closed.

G E T   O N   T H E   BUS !!

National organizations have come together to create One Nation Working Together.  Click on this picture to go to their website.

One Nattion



Our People. Nuestra Gente. It is time that every community come together and demand the change that we voted for in 2008. ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is not just for one community, it is for all communities, it is for OUR community. We hope to galvanize those deeply affected by our struggling economy: Youth (College and Non College), Women, Faith Community, Working Class Citizens, Unionized Workers, and the Immigrant Population.


"ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER is about reordering out nation's priorities to invest in our most valuable resource-our people."

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve the American Dream-a secure job, a safe home and a quality education. We want provide an opportunity for people who care about the state of our government, our jobs and our economy the chance to speak out with their voice and their bodies in Washington, DC. We want to come together and speak on behalf of the millions of people who have been affected by our economic downturn in the past few years. We will fight for meaningful, stable jobs, homes we can call our own, the opportunity for our children to obtain a quality education regardless of economic circumstances and the chance to become an American citizen and contribute to improving America. Our Dream is simple-the American Dream.


We are going to March on Washington on October 2, 2010 (10.2.10). Whether we come by car, bus, plane or train, we will mobilize tens of thousands of people to march in solidarity at the Nation's Capitol in order to protect our jobs, our education and our economy.


10.2.10 (October 2, 2010)


We want to build a movement.

We will march because we are frustrated and unsatisfied with the status quo. We have a chance to galvanize a movement for the majority of people for justice in America. We can build a movement that both looks like America and resonates with all segments of the American family. We can build an authentically diverse coalition of our Black, Brown, Red, and White Brothers and Sisters that is rooted in our country's democratic and progressive traditions. Finally, we will reclaim American themes and traditions - a more perfect union, common good and justice for all.

We will build diverse community coalitions that represent what our neighbors and cities look like. We will phone bank, canvass, plan events, and physically outreach to the community using our relations and grassroots tactics to not only get people on the bus to Washington, D.C., but to build a movement that people can resonate with and believe in.



You can Join For Free One Nation Working Together


Here is a link to the  Sponsor Organization List  Feel free to contact them, ask them to post a link to the 10.2.10 Rally if they don't have one, and thank them for sponsoring this soon-to-be historic event
I can share that this is going to be HUGE.  You've probably heard that Ed Shultz will be one of the many speakers.  Good for Ed.  He walks his talk.


Also, ONWT has added a Transportation Link to their Website where you can find two tools:  Find a Bus and Find a Ride.  They are in their infant stage, but do go there and if you are willing to drive sign up, or you need a ride sign up, or you are looking for a bus.  AND, YOU CAN PUT TOGETHER A BUS and register it here, too.  The RFK Stadium has been acquired by ONWT for the day, but the buses must be registered prior to arrival.  If you go to this link and scroll down, you can read the hugely incomplete list of buses and details about them being offered and registered with ONWT.
Again, there are over 2,200 NAACP offices nationally.  You can go to this link to locate the offices in your state.  If you call them, you will find out about buses in your area.  Not all areas are offering buses.
Find an NAACP Office near you.
The  dKos 10.2.10 March on Washington: Bus diary has been hugely increased since last posted.  You can find the link to it below under here.
CWA Union Members can bring friends and family.  CWA will be sponsoring buses coming from CT, NJ, NY, PA, DE, OH, IN, MI, VA, WV, and MD.  Be creative and find a union member willing to help you get on a CWA Bus.  
You can sign up for a bus seat at this link

A Diary to help you find/share rides, sponsors, etc.

Find a Bus:  10.2.10 March on Washington:  Buses UPDATED

YOU WILL NEED A DC METRO TRAIN CARD to get from the RFK Statium to the Lincoln Memorial  If you buy the $9 day pass, you will save money and avoid long lines to buy a one way pass.

To find information on purchasing a Washington DC Met Card you can go to this link.     If you buy the daily pass, you can save a lot of money.

REALLY GOOD NEWS UPDATE:  One Nation Working Together has updated their website.  Specifically, they have added an event finder/creator.    Click on this Link where you will see where planning meetings, etc. are set up prior to 10.2.10, AND you can create your own.  You can get ONWT going in your area.

Here are a couple of tricks that will help you navigate the Events Scheduler.  

If you are interested in events in the North East, you will have to zoom in to find the details because the "orange markers" are too close together.  Also, there isn't an ability to copy/paste the events (will work on that), so if you want to share with others, you will have to forward the link to them.

You can create your own event or as a creative tool.  I used this feature to broadcast myself as a contact person in my state for people interested in getting ONWT off the ground in my area.  You can get ONWT going in your area in the same manner.

NAACP has events frequently, and you may find some that are Bus planning events here:

Find Local NAACP Office to call for event and transportation info



CAMBRIDGE:  Peace Activists from greater Boston will meet on Saturday, 9/11.  Phone 617 383-4857.  For details there is an event announcement at ONWT website.
GREENFIELD:  There will be an organization meeting on September 16th @ 7:00PM and/or call 413 788-5790 before the meeting to Get on the Bus!  There is an event announcement at ONWT website.
AMHERST:  There will be an organization meeting on September 16th @ 7:00PM and/or call 413 788-5790 before the meeting to Get on the Bus !  There is an event announcement at ONWT website.
Community based organizations headed by formally incarcerated professionals in Phila, Wilmington, Del, Camden, NJ, Harrisburg, Pa, York, Pa Pittsburgh, Pa, many more groups that work with ex-offenders, Friday, Sept, 17th, 2010, Time, 12:30 Pm, Where, Philadelphia, Pa, Liberty Management, Germantown Ave and Lehigh Ave, Contact: Malik Aziz, Chairman, National Exhoodus Council, 215-539-3218
SARN Rally for 10.2.10 (Bus Rides to the 10-2-10 rally in DC)
Durham NAACP President Fred Foster will rally activists at the SARN expansion celebration on September 23 at 7pm to "Get On The Bus!"
Time    Thursday, September 23, 2010 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Host    Theresa El-Amin
Contact Phone    (919) 824-0659
Hayti Heritage Center (Durham, NC)
804 Old Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27707
Here is the list of  ONWT Regional Coordinators Contact Information

CALIFORNIA LINK  Find events and contacts.


Maybe you would like to pass out flyers?  Or download a poster or sign.  If so, you can:

The Peace Table Flyers, video

10.2.10 One Nation March Logos Embed Codes

Flyers, Posters, Postcards, etc. here

Two downloadable Rally Signs

Here's some promotional material you can download:

This is just a great information site produced by US Labor Against War
Organizing Framework & Tookit includes organizational charts, Youth Permission Form, etc:


I have included just the links with regard for our dial up friends.  Please use these in your diaries and blogs.  They are truly inspiring.  Just click to open, click on the Embed key, copy the code, and paste into your blog.  It's easy.

Ben Jealous' Inspiring Talk about the 10.2.10 Rally

CWA:  Get On the Bus Available for ALL, 12 States

Watch A Meeting Launching ONWT in Ohio

Watch A Meeting Launching ONWT in Ohio

LISTEN TO THESE MEMBERS OF 1199 SEIU TELL YOU WHY THEY ARE MARCHING.  THIS IS A GREAT VIDEO:  Open the link and watch the video of workers testimonies.
1199 SEIU has a ton of buses lined up.  Find a friend who is a member.  Or your medical worker/pharmacy tech, etc.  Each can bring 6 friends

After Two Weeks of Intense Research and Nagging, War on Error is thrilled to present Many More Bus Options for you !!!!

Aaraujo Asks Us to Be the Change.  We Will Be!!!

MiketheLiberal Shared a Great Union of the Unemployed Video Clip With Us today.

OrchidJudy ready to work:  Marching 10.2.10 From Sea to Shining Sea

Aaraujo's March for Peace on 10.2.10 in Washington, DC

Conlakappa wants to know:  10.2.10 March on Washington:  Coming to the Capital?

 Aaraujo's Great Diary Posted Earlier Today

An inspiring 10.2.10 March on Washington:  To Do List

YoungChicagoDemocrat writes Ed Schultz "Ask...will you march with me?  10.2.10

Aaraujo's enthusiastic, and much acclaimed by other progressive blogs:  10.2.10, The Day the Mid-Term Narrative Changes

Papicek's New Motto:  10-2-10: ONE NATION / NO FEAR

DiegoUK has an idea:  Sponsor a Marcher

YoungChicagoDemocrat  wants to know:  Mr. Keith Olbermann, any thoughts on One Nation Working Together 10.2.10 March?

 War on Error's Theme Song Dream:  10.2.10 March on Washington: Dream Song

Aaraujo:  People Powered or Corporate Funded?  Good Question!

Diaries Posted Week Ending 9/1/2010
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile (Check out the picture, we can do this,too)

Oxford Blue Launched the first diary about the rally.  Thank You!
IMPORTANT:  October 2nd: A DC March for US! (With some more info)

Yesterday's Breaking News by YoungChicagoDemocrat
Ed Shultz Will Be One of the Featured Speakers:

Two great diaries by Aaraujo
 One Nation Working Together
 People powered vs Corporate funded, 10.2.10


TPM Muckraker Announced 10.2.10 March 9/1/2010

The media is crickets right now, or so it seems.  If you have a news story, please drop the link below and I will add it to this faux Mother Ship diary.


THE VISION:  Ok, this is this liberal/progressive's vision of ONWT's potential power.  Our power if we are willing to work through ONWT.

Enision of the potential One Nation Working Together provides

1.  Get out the vote.  

Imagine all the groups and organizations bringing a cogent message to all of its members, and asking all the members to help GOTV.
2.  Select candidates.  
We don't have to reinvent the present system; however, we all know that we have not had a strong hand in choosing primary candidates.  We can change that.
3.  Fund raising.  
Imagine ONWT (members and affiliated organization), after choosing a primary candidate that we know isn't a party hack, descended from a plutocratic family, and truly will represent US as both Democratic and Republican contenders in an election.  Hey, I am up for this miracle.  It's doable.
4.  Voting on Issues:  
Imagine having the ability to truly submit our votes on a proposed piece of legislation on line.  We could put all the partisan pollsters out of business in a flash if our legion is millions of Americans.
5.   Local politics:  
Imagine the next time your corrupt local Mayor, etc is up for election having your county/state ONWT team behind a decent candidiate to clean up your city hall.
6.  Citizen journalism:
ONWT teams with a state can use us to ferret out the truth about the corruption we all see around us.  Let your imagination grasp this potential.  Actually, NAACP has this already set up here.
7.  Service.  
Imagine the power of one central committee calling out to all members and organization when there is a service project needed in an area.
8.  Boycotts.  
Imagine having an organized effort to organize the people to boycott a company/product/whatever that is mistreating people or doing harm to the public.  We can become the Behavior Modification Squad.
9.  Using your amazing Daily Kos imaginations, what other powers can ONWT help us to gain?
Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to War on Error on Thu Sep 09, 2010 at 08:43 AM PDT.

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