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I’m not on Terry Goddard's campaign staff.  I’m late to the game, joining those actively supporting this man with a record of public service.  Unlike every other Democratic candidate for office in the state, no one from the Goddard campaign has contacted me for support.

A new poll of a conservative district suggests Terry Goddard has narrowed Brewer's lead to single digits in the governor's race.  Well news like this leaves me as speechless as the Republican candidate. It's all over the local news with no comment from Brewer's office.

below the fold


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New polling data released today indicates Terry Goddard is gaining ground on Jan Brewer in the race for Governor of Arizona.

The poll, conducted on behalf of Project New West, shows that in one of the more conservative Congressional districts in Arizona, Terry Goddard has moved to within single digits with 45% of the vote, Brewer at 52%. “Jan Brewer has failed to bring new jobs or new business to Arizona. She has failed us on education – and is willing to cut even more from the education budget. Times are bad, and voters are recognizing that Jan Brewer is not the kind of decisive leader we need, to lead us out of this mess,” added Goddard.

The huge gain of more than a dozen points since a Rasmussen poll on September 8, shows a dramatic shift in momentum as voters learn about Terry Goddard, his success as Attorney General, and his plan to bring new jobs and support business expansion in Arizona.

For those unfamiliar with Terry Goddard's background and lifetime public service, I've cobbled together a bio.  
He graduated from Harvard, in 1969, with a degree in American History.  He served an active duty tour in the US Navy following graduation.  Upon his return, he received a JD from ASU in 1976.

He is said to be a Unitarian. From 1983 until 1990, he served as Mayor of the City of Phoenix.  He lost the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1990 to none other than bankster, Fife Symington.  He lost another Democratic primary in 1994 to Eddie Basha, Jr., heir to the bankrupt, low wages, no benefits local grocery chain, Bashas.  He is now our Attorney General, re-elected in 2006 with 60% of the vote.

GOTV will determine the outcome of elections across the US.  In Arizona there are nearly a million registered as Independent.  Many, like myself, must register as Independent because of job, or career goals. Is there any poll of Arizona Independents that proves the majority are Democratic leaning, or likely voters?
At the end of July 2010, Arizona had 3,102,876 active, registered voters
Arizona Republican Party: 1,119,389
Arizona Democrat Party: 1,001,256
Arizona Independent Party: 953,503
Arizona Libertarian Party: 24,143
Arizona Green Party: 4,585
Has someone, other than the pollsters, decided that this Governor’s race is not one that can be won by a Democrat?  Why is the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally, giving the tongue tied Jan Brewer a pass on any competition?  Please, let me know if my head is so far in the sand that I have missed the fight for the AZ Governor’s Office.

If you are registered to vote in Arizona, don’t vote for someone who can’t even remember her talking points under pressure.  Vote Democratic, vote for a long time public servant, a military veteran, a man with a vision for bridging the party divide.  Terry Goddard is a man who has a record of serving without all the divisional party, and political theatrics.

If you need more information on how you can help Terry Goddard become the next Democratic Governor of Arizona, go to his website. No one has set up an account on Act Blue?  


P.S.  When Janet Napolitano ran for Governor of Arizona, I was not alone in giving her a snow balls’ chance of winning.  With the support of her loyal team, campaign donations, Emily’s List, and National Democratic Party support, Napolitano won, the rest is history.

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Originally posted to foucaultspendulum on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 10:16 AM PDT.

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