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The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) passed an Islamophobic non-binding resolution against "pro-Islamic references in textbooks."


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What's that you say? You're looking for work, you have no health insurance, you ate some contaminated eggs last week and you feel the nation's continued dependence on foreign fossil fuels is undermining national security and leading to catastrophic climate change that may destroy all human life? Well, you have been wasting your time since those issues are minor compared to the threat posed by textbooks mentioning the religion of 1.5 Billion people on the planet. Won't someone think about the poor persecuted Christians in this country?

Since this is a non-binding resolution to fix a non-existent issue, you have to wonder why a room full of adults spent time debating and passing this resolution. Clearly, the right-wing Republicans on the board got jealous of all that publicity and attention that the Quran-burning-threatening Florida Pastor Terry Jones got from Fox News. You can count on seeing Fox News covering the Texas State Board of Education and their valiant fight against the insidious use of Arabic numerals in math textbooks, along with plenty of infomercials (err, I mean "interviews") with the right-wing Republicans who are running for the Board this November.

Please join me in trying to elect two sane women to this board that sets the standard for many school boards around the country, and contribute whatever you can to get them elected: Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau. Thank you very much!

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