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   Now that we’ve kicked election diaries into high gear I find goodies in my mailbox every morning. One of the best things about teaming up as we have done is that everyone gets to do their part. Writers write, researchers research, Twitter people talk about what’s for lunch, and it all adds up to a functional partisan Progressive media operation.

   This morning research maven @aliceinthewater sent me the goods on Carl Paladino. The man is another one of those Yours Uterus, Our Way religious kooks that infest American politics, with a huge dose of New York Republican corruption funding his efforts.

   This guys just needs to grow a beard and he’d be a perfect angry old mullah, Iranian style.


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   @aliceinthewater is relentless. Any politician that takes an undue interest in her uterus gets the bat. Here is what popped up in my mailbox this morning.

Early Lessons Forged Paladino’s Combative Style

The Provocateur Loading Paladino’s Slingshot

Former GOP New York Sen. Alfonse D’Amato Rips Paladino As ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Mean Spirted,’ Unfit For Office

It's All About Who Hates The 'Ground Zero Mosque' More In Republicans' NY-GOV Race (VIDEO)

Carl Paladino's Controversial Statements Could Embarrass Republicans

Carl Paladino's Emails: Tea Party-Backed Gov Candidate's Emails Feature Racism, Bestiality, Porn (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Paladino: No Abortion Even for Rape/Incest

Women Protest Paladino

Poll: Paladino closing in on Cuomo in NY gov. race

     So I didn’t know much at all about this guy, besides the fact I’d seen his name scrolling down the right hand side of the page, but now I get it - he’s another tired, tiresome far right kook, with ideas right out of the dark ages. He’d probably fit right in repressing the two thirds of Iranians that have been born after the 1979 revolution.

    Do you think they’d go for it? We could ship him over in an empty 747, and on the return leg it would be full of young, energetic Iranian men and women who’d be free to dress as they choose, able to read a free press (that’s you, me & alice, FYI), and participate in the decision making process for this country once they become naturalized.

    Nah, it’s just snark, and a dumb idea. Those Iranian kids have enough trouble right now with their own revolution. I think we can flex our muscle and boot this kook right off the political stage. You know the drill - comments here, talk it up on Twitter, find his Facebook and bury it in criticism they won’t dare delete, and if you’re still employed after the thievery of the Bush years flip the guy some coin.

We could provide an excellent living wage for 200 energetic young men like this fellow on what Paladino makes in his shady real estate dealings.

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Originally posted to Stranded Wind on Mon Sep 27, 2010 at 09:05 AM PDT.

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