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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Sunday, 9/26 to 6:00 PM EDT, Monday, 9/27

Today's Menu Includes :
45 Diaries Overall

- 7 On House races

    - Covering 7 individual Districts in 7 states

- 15 On Senate races

    - Representing 10 different states

- 15 On Various election races and ballot issues

    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 8 General election-related diaries


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(Tonight's compilation and more after the jump............)


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Diary Titles - If you are doing a diary on a candidate or race, please be aware of the standard Daily Kos formatting. For House races, please start your title with the two-digit state abbreviation followed by the district number (example: FL-08 - Grayson Kicks More Repub butt!). For Senate races, just use state-Sen (example: NV-Sen - Angle Goes on Tangent, Gets Bent out of Shape). If you're doing a local race, try to use some version of this format. This immensely helps the people sifting through hundreds of diaries to more easily identify appropriate ones and minimizes the chances that we'll miss you (our Miners are almost perfect, but, alas, human after all).

Volunteers (HELP NEEDED!!!)
Several members of the crew that worked together so incredibly last two elections have returned for this season. With that said, we are still in need of more people to help, and this project has always been about giving anyone wishing to contribute the opportunity to do so. If you have the time to spare and are interested, please email us (see this user profile) or let us know in the comments how to contact you and we'll be in touch.


This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)
Election Race Roundup (11/7 - Final 2008 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)

And for this year's previous diaries:
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/17 – 46 Days 'til Election Day) (with links to previous 10 diaries from 9/7 to 9/16)
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Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/24 – 39 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/25 – 38 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/26 – 37 Days 'til Election Day)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, TruthOfAngels, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, ukben, rexymeteorite, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Sunday, 9/26 to 6:00 PM EDT, Monday, 9/27):  (46 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from C)


   House (7)

(CA-02) (CA2) Is Representative Wally Herger Mentally Fit to Be Re-elected? by Jim Swanson - Diarist lists and outlines some very odd public behavior exhibited by incumbent Wally Herger (R), and questions his fitness for office. Jim Reed (D) is challenging.

(FL-07) Alan Grayson Shows How To Run Against a Wingnut by Reshaverak - Highlights Dem incumbent Alan Grayson's new ad against his wingnut opponent, Daniel Webster (R).

(IL-11) They Want to Take Your Social Security Money and Give it to Wall Street by deanarms - A new ad from Debbie Halvorson (D) in this purple district features real people worried about plans to 'privatize' Social Security. Halvorson's opponent is Adam Kinzinger (R-Teabagger).

(NM-01) NM-01: Frosh Dem Heinrich leads by Joan McCarter - A new PPP poll for DKos shows freshman incumbent Democrat Martin Henrich leading his opponent Jon Barela (R) by seven points. This should be a safe seat, as Barela hasn't made much of a dent in seven months of campaigning.

(NV-03) (NV-03) Joe Heck: Sharron Angle Redux? by atdnext - Republican Joe Heck (R) is starting to look a whole lot like someone else we know who is running for prominent political office in Nevada - Sharron Angle (R).

(OH-08) Boehner: Solutions? You can't HANDLE solutions! by Eclectablog - John Boehner (R) proves that once again, Republicans would have no real solutions to the "serious challenges" our country faces should they take the House in November.

(TX-21) Thank you MoveOn.org For Your Endorsement by lmelnick - Lalney Melnick (D) thanks the people from MoveOn.org and introduces himself to the Daily Kos community as a candidate.

   Senate (15)

(FL-Sen) FL-Sen: Wexler endorses Christ by kos - Markos paints a grim mosh pit of doom in Florida. He calls it a mishmash of suck, but you get the idea. It's a case of Teabagger Rubio gaining as two sane candidates, Meek and Crist, fight for centrist and liberal votes.

(KY-Sen) KY-Sen: Conway gains 13 in SurveyUSA poll by Jed Lewison - Jack Conway (D) gains 13 points and shoots past Rand Paul (R) in a recent poll.

(NC-Sen) We're Fighting for LGBT Equality & Elaine Marshall (NC-Sen) by Sam Spencer for County Commissioner - Diarist highlights Gordon Smith (D), Asheville City Councilman and tireless advocate for LGBT rights. This year diarist's PAC is focused on getting Elaine Marshall (D) into Richard Burr's (R) seat.

(NV-Sen) My son is autistic, not "autistic" by willynel - Sharron Angle's (R) insensitive remarks and incredibly ignorant opinions regarding Autism therapy proves, once again, that she doesn't know what she is talking about.

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen: A Lifetime of Service by SJerseyIndy - Some highlights of Joe Sestak's (D) lifetime of service to this country and Pennsylvania, contrasted to his opponent Pat Toomey's (R) record of palling around with fellow bankers, Wall Street grifters, corporate whores and dedicated plutarchs.

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen - Knocking on doors in Pittsburgh this past weekend (w/POLL); Support Sestak #8 by demandcaring - Gotta love the personal, on-the-ground stories, and this one is excellent. Sestak's (D) support among registered Dems is high, action items listed.

(PA-Sen) PA-Sen Poll Tells Us: GOTFV by sdf - New Muhlenberg/Morning Call poll shows Toomey (R) at 46% and Sestak at 39%. Sestak can win this if we GOTV.

(WI-Sen) WI Sen Breaking: New Video Shows Bearded Johnson Defending Dioceses That Reassign Pedophile Priests by Jud Lounsbury - Explosive video of Ron Johnson (R), who is challenging Russ Feingold (D), testifying before the Wisconsin State Senate in defense of the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council and its decisions related to abuse suits, and against the Child Victims Bill. Give Russ some love.

(WV-Sen) WV-Sen: Raese's Gilded Age nostalgia by Joan McCarter - West Virginia candidate for Senate John Raese (R) pines for the days of the Gilded Age, a simpler time when businesses didn't have to deal with pesky safety regulations.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen - Debate between Miller and McAdams by angelajean - Last week Democrat Scott McAdams faced off against Joe Miller (R-Teabagger) at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and came through with flying colors. Blow by blow in the diary.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen: Um, Joe Miller? Alaskans can spell by Joan McCarter - Joan points us to Joe Miller's (R-Teabagger) low opinion of Alaskans' ability to spell "Murkowski," blowing off her write-in candidacy.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen - We Will Win This Race by Scott McAdams - The Democratic candidate himself turns us on to some of his bona fides as well as policies he supports. This guy should be a Senator.

(AR-Sen) On Fence Straddling, Or, And Now, A Few Words from Blanche Lincoln by fake consultant - Points out the lunacy of DINO Blanche Lincoln's position on the cloture vote for the Defense Appropriations Bill last week and shares an email he received back from Lincoln when he wrote to complain. John Boozman (R) is her opponent.

(AZ-Sen) Live Debate Rodney Glassman V John McCain by tickle b - Diarist does a liveblog of the John McCain (R)-Rodney Glassman (D) debate in Phoenix,  Arizona.

(AZ-Sen) John McCain Takes a Beating by Sandi Behrns - John McCain (R-Grumpy) took a bit of a beating at the 2010 AZ Senatorial debate, when Rodney Glassman (D) landed some good blows. Get the full breakdown in this diary.

   Various Races (16)

(CA-Gov) CLCV, Sierra Club Endorse Jerry Brown by Dan Bacher - Jerry Brown (D) wins some incredible endorsements from the Sierra Club, CLCV, and various other environmental leaders.

(CA-Gov) 82 with Dementia, Knows Meg is the wrong choice by VinBacchus - Diarist's mother, a Democrat with dementia, knows Meg Whitman is a bad choice, and is still quite able to make her feelings known.

(CA-Var) CA-Gov/CA-Sen: Dems start feeling some California love by Steve Singiser - It's nice to see California Democrats hitting back hard and setting a trend.

(CT-Var) BLUE STATES: Connecticut:  D Malloy (D) vs J Lieberman (ind) by abgin -  Continues this in-depth look at the bench in each state.

(FL-Gov) Terror of Tallahassee - Now even scarier than before! by leafletd - The Halloween ghoul show on Gaines Street is scarier this year with all those Rick Scott (R-TeaPerson) signs on building walls. Not even Bill McCollum would endorse Scott after the primary, given Scott's background as CEO of HCA.

(IA & OH-Var) Action: IA and OH Early Voting Starts - Help GOTV by askew - A look at how important early voting is to Democrats with an information-packed focus on getting out the vote in Iowa and Ohio.

(MA-Gov) Massachusetts is Dumb Mark 2 - Scott Brown Redux by TKLTKL94 - Diarist wonders why Democratic Governor Deval Patrick is neck and neck with Charlie Baker (R), remembering the excuses Dems gave when Scott Brown (R) took Kennedy's Senate seat.

(MN-Gov) MN Gov. Democrat Grips Lead by WineRev - Points out a new poll by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that gives the lead to the Democrat in the race between Democrat Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer (R).

(MN-Gov) MN Gov: GPI update: mo polls, mo problems by TonyAngelo - Looks at recent polls in this race between Mark Dayton (D) and Tom Emmer (R).

(NY-AG) Want Progress? Try Eric Schneiderman by Eddie C - Reminds us that the Attorney General has a lot of influence nationally by virtue of Wall St. being located in NY and presents a strong case for support for Eric Schneiderman (D) for this office, running against Dan Donovan (R).

(NY-Gov) NY-GOV Can We Trade Paladino To Iran? by Stranded Wind - Stranded Wind give us the low down on Carl Paladino (R), the wingnut candidate in this race.

(NY-Gov) NY Gov: Lazio decides to pack it in, Paladino to Con ballot line? by Steve Singiser - With Rick Lazio out of the picture race, will the Republican party unite or fall apart at the seams?

(SC-SH108) Aw, did I hurt your feelings Georgetown (S.C.) GOP? by Jamie Sanderson - The Georgetown (SC) GOP chooses to focus on former Democratic officials and bloggers rather than on the positives of their candidate. Vida Miller (D) is the incumbent in this race, Kevin Ryan (R) is challenging.

(WI-Sen, MA-03) For Jobs and Peace, Faingold-McGovern and a Dem Congress by Robert Naiman - Diarist makes a heartfelt pitch for Senator Russ Feingold and MA-3 Representative Jim McGovern, authors of the Feingold-McGovern amendment to establish a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan, plus ways to help Dems keep Congress.

(Var) New estimate out on 2012 redistricting by Christian Dem in NC - A link to redistricting data based on the 2010 census and projects that to several states that will gain or lose congressional seats, and 2010 governor's races that will be crucial.

   Ballot Initiatives (1)

(CA-Prop-Var) California is Smoking! (Field Poll: 49% Favor MJ Legalization) by jpmassar - Diarist goes over polls and info on California Props 19, 23, and 25.

   General (7)

OH-15: My Canvassing Experience Today. by Kurt from CMH - A slice of retail politics life in a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood.

From Hope to Reality: 2010 Midterms by Liberalindependent28 - A young Democratic voter who voted for the first time in 2008 talks about the difference between hope and reality and why we all need to GOTV even if we are a little disappointed.

Good stuff Democrats have done, version 2.0 by blue aardvark - 101 reasons to vote for Democrats this November.

Monday Morning's Good Dem News. by TomP - The "doom and gloom for Dems" narrative took a hit this morning. Sounds like we're getting back on track!

Poll is a 'Refreshing Corrective' to Media Narrative of Tea Party Domination by Project Vote - Project Vote's new poll reveals that young Democrats have very different views about the government than those pesky Teabaggers. Full overview in the diary putting the lie to MSM manipulation.

Several - Moving America Forward rallies Tuesday! Update x1 by jovie131 - Diarist advertises some important Dem/GOTV rallies across the country on Tuesday. Check for one happening near you! (Note - Due to technical problem in linking to title, please click on username to access this diary)

Why March Saturday? Take Back The Discourse (That The Tea Party Stole) by BillScher - Diarist offers links and press on the upcoming march on Washington, explains why the event is important in this cycle.

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