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An angry and dissillusioned citizenry, deserted by both parties searching for answers, discovering that one's idea of change is another's idea for treachery: jobless, foreclosed, bankrupt, enslaved by fear and deception and like that man that got ran over by the train of tyranny, still thinking he both his legs of liberty and freedom, when with every passing heartbeat his lifesblood is flowing onto the ground!

Ammunition and firearms flying off the shelves so fast the manufacturers can't keep up with the back orders! And knowing that a forewarned people is a forearmed people, that freedom is not free, that it hangs in the balance today by the slenderest of threads like a Sword of Damacles, all we hear from them is, that our disobedience is not acceptable! Our failure to bow down to tyranny is a sign of weakness.That somehow, if we had only not been so inneffectual, that they wouldn't be the abject failures as leaders they are. Circumvent the Constitution and her People's House, and delegate all the authority to Czars they want to, a great orator and the greatest orations ever made, cannot absolve them from their responsibility for failing to follow the letter of the law when they have violated every tenet of the spirit of the law. Either we are a nation of laws and not men-or America is finished!  


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Over a million dollars in legal fees spent by this administration to suppress the public's right to know if our president is here legally and eligible to hold his office, when all anyone is asking is for from someone who swore an oath on the Holy Bible before almighty God to uphold the US Constitution, to defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic, an honest, straight answer in the form of proof, from one who holds in his hands the power of life and death, the power to turn this whole earth into a pile of smoldering glass, is a simple glance at his long form COLB. He arrogantly and smugly replies, "I don't go around with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead". But you can be sure to expect a visit from the Secret Service if you dare call the WH and ask him to put one there for all the public to inspect, which would end the matter once and for all. For the love of God and everything holy, what is he hiding? Inquiring minds demand to know.

State Secrets privileges invoked to protect the most egregious war criminal regime in US history. Predator-droning unarmed civilians abroad, begging the question, "if he can get away with committing premeditated mass murder, spitting on the Constitution and is above the law overseas, when will predator-droning, firing squads, assassinations of US citizens happen here with impunity"? Tyranny unchecked is tyranny abounded! The cemetaries of antiquity are overflowing with the dead bones of men and civilizations, who like us, once thought that by their immense power and wealth that they were impregnable, indespensible, supreme, above any law--whether man or God's--and untouchable.

Hitler worshipped the Devil and had his Thousand Year Reich from 1933 to 1945. America was founded as a christian nation and it will die a penniless, barren, starved, enslaved, and haggered shell of its former greatness, because it chased after lies, death and destruction-and found them in the trojan horses of false gods!  

Sicing the FBI on US citizens here for simply exercising their Constitutional right to free speech, to protest and to seek redress with our elected government, who serves by our will,-not theirs. Authorizing the assassination of US citizens who are unconvicted of any crime whatsoever, merely suspected terrorists, extra-judicially without subpoenas duces tecum, no witnesses, no Writ of Habeas Corpus or probable cause hearings demanded or granted, no evidenciary discovery hearings, no attorney, and extra-territorially convicted and adjudged guilty in absentia abroad. Essentially, already dead men walking by the stroke of a president's pen and by the force of his own will. And with the full faith and credit of an American Congress that is so scared of their own shadow, they would gladly surrender every right, every liberty, and steal every morsel of bread from our dying lips, as long as their own lives and fortunes are spared. If the Constitution falls on ONE point, it falls on ALL points!

Warrantlessly wiretapping and surveilling us at will, ipso facto shredding the US Constitution, hanging all the Founding Fathers in the Rose Garden for treason, and defeating the American Revolution without even firing a shot! The Protect America Act of 2007 and the FISA Act of 2008, that "stationed" big brother in every American home with a pc, every blog owner and poster, an email address, a physical mailing address, a medical or bank record or a cell phone, would make the infamous Quartering Act--one of the 8 laws under the Intolerable Acts King George III decreed against the Colonies--which codified quartering Red Coats in American homes against their will, and which was one of the major causes of the rebellion against another tyrant 3,000 miles away, makes it look like a feeble exercise in despotism when compared with the resurrection of monarchy created by thousands of new tyrants right here in just nine short years! The USA Patriot Act as revised, single-handedly makes every single breathing human being in this nation a terrorist suspect until proven innocent and scraps every centuries old concept in British Common Law since the Magna Carta of the presumption of innocence. It makes the Hitler Enabling Act of 1933 look like the work of inept novices, who couldn't seize power and oppress a nation even if somebody gave them the Enigma Code of the Keys to the Kingdom of God!

When our own president becomes the chief prosecutor for the UN, reporting and prosecuting Arizona, a sovereign state of this Union, and bringing it before the United Nations on such flimsy charges of human rights violations, when no other nation on this planet would tolerate the same acts of war from their neighbor or give amnesty to, much less civil rights protections for what amounts to nothing less than a massive foreign invasion, of which jeopardizes the sovereignty of every other state, I'd have to question the motives and true loyalties of even Jesus Christ himself, if he did such a vile act! The UN by definition is nothing more than a proto one world government-enabling machine of unspeakable tyranny so vile and corrupt to the bone it should send shivers down the spine of every freedom loving American. A United Nations indeed, that would love nothing better than to rob every single dime from our treasury and re-distribute it to the 3rd world nations, in some sordid globalist scheme to reduce this nation from the leader of the free world by sending every corporation and every good job overseas, turning it into a shackled and chained beggar and failed state! We can take the US out of the UN and we can throw the UN out of America, but who will give us back our Constitution, our wealth, our freedom and our lives, once the damage is done? Once the Constitution and US sovereignty is nothing but an unconditional surrender, a nation of slaves left to fight over a dung heap?

An internet kill switch, all but assured, giving one man the power to instantly shut off America from the outside world under the color of law and under the guise of "national security". And God himself only knows what will happen to anyone and everyone who dares to speak out of turn against this government "of, for, and by the People", then. HR 1955 The Violent Radicalization and Prevention of Homegrown Terrorism Act(the thought crimes bill) is but one signature away from making every US citizen in this nation an enemy of the state for simply expressing an opinion contrary to and independent of the president. In short, it drives the final nail in the coffin of this American dream turned nightmare.

Speaker Pelosi, after taking impeachment off the table and revealing our end-game strategy, a signal to him that he had a lifetime get out of jail free card, once said in an interview posted here a few years back, when asked about the possibility of impeaching then President George Walker Bush, "The Constitution is worth it only if we can succeed". And this was her position towards somebody that lied us into two pre-emptive, selective, and very costly and bloody wars that have bombed Iraq back into the 19th Century, and nearly brought America to the brink of financial and moral ruin, if not to deaths door. Nobody dares to pose the same question in reference to THE ONE, the "annointed one". Not even Dennis Kucinich dares to open his mouth, much less stand on the House floor, or utter a Privileged Motion and introduce impeachment articles today. I'm not owned by the power brokers that really rule this nation and the world. I'm not running for election-or reelection. I don't have any money or assets to seize. Only my freedom. I'm an old man. I've lived a long life. I've faced-and cheated death so many times I've lost count. I don't fear what man can do to me and after killing me, can do no more harm to my physical body. I only fear the one who has the power over my body and my mortal soul! And he is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, who STANDS at the right hand of power with all the heavenly host. The ONE who was alive and dead, and who lives again. The ONE who after having him scorged with the cat of nine tails, ripping his skin and muscles all the way down to the bone so much blood drained and beaten so badly that not even his closest friends and family recognized him. The ONE who the wicked Roman Governor Pontius Pilate emplored the crowd to let him go, saying "I FIND NO FAULT IN THE MAN"! JESUS THE CHRIST, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world! The ONE and TRUE only begotten Son of the living GOD!

So do with this what you will. I spoke my mind and let the chips fall where they may. John Lennon(God rest his soul), once said in opposing the Vietnam war, "the war is already over in my mind". Any despot or dictator can kill or silence your lips-or mine, but they cannot kill my idea-or yours. Freedom lives forever in every breathing soul that has one that is still able to both see and hear the truth. And it lives forever in my heart. A coward dies a thousand deaths before he tastes the tyrant's steel blade. A brave man only once. I know who I am. Which are you?

Goodbye and godspeed.

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