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Thank you.

Since my last Kos post, I was honored to receive the Orange to Blue endorsement and a huge showing of support from the community, both in comments and through ActBlue. I am so grateful for your kind words, warm wishes, and contributions. My team will spend wisely in this race to communicate our plans for Alaska’s, and America’s, future. Make no mistake, Alaskans are hearing my ideas to tackle our problems, and we will win this election. We have picked up at least six points in the past 10 days. We’ve got McMentum.


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We need all hands on deck to beat back the tide of corporate and Tea Party cash that has flooded into Alaska. I am thankful for any assistance to our campaign: a letter to the editor, a blog post, a phone call, $5, $50, or $500. Every little effort will make a huge difference in this race. The support my campaign has received so far has been tremendous, with over $820,000 raised in just the last 45 days – including, as of this posting, about $20,000 from Orange to Blue!

With your continued support, we will have the resources it will take to beat two nationally funded opponents. Don’t forget, even though we’ve gotten great support from so many working Alaskans and others, Lisa has been bankrolled by big corporate interests to the tune of $1.2 million, and Joe has a voracious Tea Party fundraising machine.

It’s essential to realize what is at stake in this race, both for Alaska and for our country. This is a campaign that has been dominated by Joe Miller’s extreme views and by Lisa Murkowski’s personal desire to hold her seat. While I hold press conferences and reach out to voters to talk about my plans to put Alaskans back to work, to create a renewable energy future, and to improve our schools, my opponents are focused on slinging mud at one another.

While Joe Miller is raising money with the Republican big wigs in Washington, D.C., tweeting about house shopping, name plaques, and his office furniture needs, I’m meeting with working men and women to talk about improving our economy.

While Lisa Murkowski cuts her eighth commercial about how disappointed she was to have lost her Republican primary, even after she chose the Republican Party’s political strategy over Alaska’s needs and voted NO on every important measure of the past 18 months, I’m speaking with Alaska women about what I’ll do to fight for their rights and equal pay.

Joe Miller is the darling of the corporate Tea Party Express, an organization bent on the repeal of the progress we have made over the past century. He is the purest example of a movement that says all government is bad, all the time, for everyone and in every situation. He has called for the elimination of the Department of Education and the Department of Energy. A self-proclaimed expert on our Constitution, Joe has declared that unemployment benefits and federal ownership of lands are wholly unconstitutional, much to the surprise of the Supreme Court, which has ruled otherwise. He dreams of an America without Social Security or Medicare.

As for Lisa Murkowski, a funny thing happened on the way to Washington, D.C. The person that Alaskans knew from the state legislature, whose father was a senator for decades, who sang the right songs on women’s choice and energy development, is no more. She might not use the bizarre rhetoric Miller does, but their voting patterns would be very similar.

It’s hard to imagine how a politician could vote with Mitch McConnell over 90% of the time in the past two years and still claim to be focused on Alaska’s needs. Lisa is no moderate or progressive. In fact, she has been one of the most conservative members of the Senate. Her voting record bears that out.

Lisa has been revealed as one of Wall Street’s most reliable supporters in Congress. She voted for the big bank bailouts that handed $700 billion over to Wall Street millionaires, but when it came time to make sure that we curbed the excesses of the big banks, Lisa voted against financial reform. She voted to make it harder for working Americans to declare bankruptcy when they are overwhelmed by medical debt. She voted against “paygo” rules to try to get our finances under control. She voted against lowering seniors’ drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate with Big Pharma. She voted against small business tax cuts that would help get our economy back on track. She voted against unemployment benefits. And this week, she skipped a key vote that would have kept companies from outsourcing our jobs overseas.

I need your help to build a stronger Alaska. I need your help to tackle America’s problems.

If you'd like to lend a hand, donate through Orange to Blue. Thank you again.

In my first diary, I showed you my first ad, which gave a little idea of where I’m from. Here’s a link to my second, where you’ll get a taste of my style. A few fun clips are available on my Youtube channel.  Alaska needs a new Incredible Hulk. Thank you for your help. We’ve got McMentum.

- Scott

On Monday, I'll have a diary up discussing the dire need for filibuster reform.

Scott McAdams for US Senate
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Originally posted to Scott McAdams on Wed Oct 13, 2010 at 01:29 PM PDT.

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