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I came to Daily Kos by reading over someone’s shoulder. I lurked for a long time until I wandered into a diary called Cheers and Jeers. I decided then that I needed to create an account. I loved to watch the madcap antics of tnichlsn, Texas Blue Dot and Phil N Deblanc; it reminded me of my own naughty 3 brothers. It wasn’t long before a whole cast of characters, full of witty banter, had grown up around me. Now I can look at pictures of pooties and grandchildren with wild abandon and full recognition.  I wake up every morning eager to see y’alls faces. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of all of your triumphs and tribulations because of one person: Bill in Portland Maine. So this, my very first diary, is about Bill in Portland Maine. More importantly, it is a fundraiser. You see, I like my snark fresh. Daily. And the thought of Bill not being there to bless the camels for my birthday or to welcome a newbie to the pool is just downright... scary. Ghoulish. So I thought I would fashion a love letter, a thank you note. But  enough about me...


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Who is your
Favorite Monster?
Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein

Your favorite Dastardly Dude?
Dick Dastardly

...or Evil Scientist?
Dr Everett Von Scott

Your favorite Superhero?

And while you are thinking, dig in your purse or pocket to help keep Bill, Bill. Because this is after all, a fundraiser.


A dog dressed as Batman participates in the Family Pet festival in Cali, Colombia
Picture: AFP/GETTY

One time contribution

$5.00 monthly contribution

$10.00 monthly contribution

$20.00 monthly subscription

oops! I forgot...the snail the mail address:
Bill Harnsberger
16 Pitt Street # 2
Portland, Maine 04103

"A pet dog has become an internet sensation after its owner posted a series of pictures of it online dressed as Superman.
The pictures of five-year-old husky Ice in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province disguised as the caped crusader have garnered rave reviews from delighted fans.
One viewer even reported laughing so much he fell out of his chair.
In the pictures, Ice is seen posing in her outfit as well as running through a park, her cape streaming behind her."


Come on...I know I have left something out.
A UFO image snapped over Chelsea, New York, which created a storm in the USA. New Yorkers were transfixed by shiny unidentified flying objects spotted over Chelsea. Hundreds of Big Apple residents craned their necks to see the objects, which were described as looking like dozen silver white balloons [perhaps that's just what they were?]. Witnesses flooded the NYPD and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with calls reporting sightings

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to mjbleo on Fri Oct 15, 2010 at 05:44 AM PDT.


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